Monday, March 12, 2012

Stryder's Favourite Comics - 3/07/2012

Hey folks!  Me again...Only a few comics this week BUT one of them represents a second chance for everyone's favourite spoiled rich kid with a bow and arrow!  Love it or hate it (and most people seem to be choosing the latter) we also see the NEW DC Comics logo used on books for the first time this month.  So without further ado, let's get right to it!

Green Arrow #7 - The new creative team of Ann Nocenti and Harvey Tolibao (and the rest!) are here to try to save Green Arrow from being boring and routine!  What do they bring to the mix?  For starters, a much different look, one that somehow manages to be both cleaner and more gritty than before.  The art in this book really shines and I'm impressed.
Then there's the story.  It's interesting.  A set of hot blonde triplet girls attacks Green Arrow and then immediately surrenders.  They're his biggest fans and they invent arrow weapons.  Won't he PLEASE come see their lab in Canada?  They want to work for him...and maybe more. 

Well, Arrow, being a man and all, definitely wants to "work with" the hot blonde triplets.  Careful, MAY be a trap...

The interesting thing about this book is how it ends and the potential the ending creates for an about-face in the overall book direction.  Teased is the possibility that Green Arrow wants to quit.  Not quit being Green Arrow, but quit being Oliver Queen!?!  He may just get his opportunity...only time will tell.

I do have to say, after just one issue, I'm already more interested than I was in the initial 6.  Hopefully this continues!  Green Arrow may just be saved!

But that's not all!  Check out Action Comics and Detective Comics after the jump!

Action Comics #7 - After a couple of issues of weird hopping around in time, finally the plot of Action Comics has come BACK AROUND to address the cliffhanger that was the end of issue #4!  The middle chunk of Metropolis has been stolen by "The Collector of Worlds" (a character that is at least PART Braniac), shrunken, stuck in a bottle and taken to space.

Question:  How does a Superman who hasn't learned to fly get into space?

Answer:  He Jumps!  Far!  He needs a running start and has to use a satellite as a foothold, but here Clark has really upped his game!  Once on the spaceship, a certain event that has been teased since the beginning occurs, and Supes has to figure out a way to save not just Metropolis, but the entire planet Earth as well as the Kryptonian city of Kan-Dor (like Metropolis, Kan-Dor was previously miniaturized and placed in a bottle, just before the planet blew up)!

Incidentally, Neither Lex Luthor or Lois Lane seem particularly happy to be "miniaturized".  They have some dialogue that's pretty funny.  It's amazing the egos the "regular" people have in this book.  Oh and we also get a "Meanwhile" story near the end...a couple of pages of Steel running around trying to save what's left of Metropolis from collapsing, what with the big hole in the middle.  I know a lot of people hate B-Plot but I thought it was cool.  I wouldn't buy Steel comics as a stand-alone but having him here works for me.   Good issue!

Detective Comics #7 - It seems that Penguin has gotten a LOT sneakier than I remember.  This issue continues the various complicated plots put into motion last month at the Iceberg Lounge, with Batman stuck rather unfortunately right in the middle!  Of course, it's not too unfortunate for most of the lounge's patrons, as there's a good chance they're all going to get blown up without SOMEONE'S timely assistance!  This one is fast paced, with a lot of action and a lot of payoff for all the recent sneaking.  They're not done yet, though!

Detective continues to be the darkest Batman book, with more disturbing bad guys, more realistic crime and actions that have realistic consequences!  What other comic book has put so many in the hospital recently?  It's a dark, dark night in Gotham City....and I for one am loving every minute of it!

So that's it for this week!  Stay tuned next week for Green Lantern, Batgirl, Batman & Robin and more!  Oh also for those who missed the Flashpoint special event that led into the DC Reboot, the TPB came out last Wednesday.  Not only that, but supporting trades featuring Flashpoint Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman all come out this Wednesday!  Worth picking up!

Limitless undying love y'all! 

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