Saturday, March 10, 2012

Domesticated Badness: Varmint Town

I'm not sure what I find most scary.

What looks like clunky and disappointing game-play mechanics, the fact that I think that the Nemesis that is hulking and skulking about in this demo of the Multiplayer 'Nemesis Mode' in the upcoming Resident Evil: Raccoon City game looks more lost and confused than terrifying, the fact that as hard as I try to care about ANYTHING related to Resident Evil from Capcom, one of those ALWAYS-ON dealies that used to be THE most beloved things in the universe to me (but ever since they took the franchise to extremely weird places in ZERO they have kinda lost me)...


...the fact that it is taking longer and longer to scroll down when I have to enter my FUGGIN' BIRTH YEAR when I go to these damn videos on any of the game sites.

It's getting to be downright embarrassing...



  1. This is shaping up to be a disappointing year for games, right? I keen scanning release lists and there's so little this year that I'm excited about. It took until March for me to even purchase something - Mass Effect 3, which I am thoroughly enjoying, but what else is on the table? I saw that Raccoon City was incoming and am so desperate for new stuff that I was curious to see if it was worth my time.

    Compare to last year where there was just too much and I couldn't keep up. There's still a ton of games I haven't bought from 2011 like Crysis 2, Rage, Deus Ex etc. And still a ton of games that I did buy but barely had a chance to play because everything was so packed. (I've played Battlefield 3 for about 2 hours in total!).

    What are you guys looking forward to this year?

    I'll pick up Witcher 2 next month on Xbox. And I'll go through the motions and get Halo 4 and Borderlands 2, and Batman Lego 2, Diablo III, and Bioshock Infinite. But what else? Am I missing something?

  2. Yeah it looks super confusing not only are there all types of zombies around as well as the opposite team that nemesis will make it even harder arghhh

    I just finished Binary Domain which was fun, cool sort of story but not Dues Ex level of game. Yakuza Dead souls comes out soon which I'm happy to go back to that world again even if it's zombies. Hopefully The Last Guardian comes out this year. Oh and Journey looks fun. Lollipop Chainsaw tempts me with the evil dead Ash crossplay and maybe the new Devil may cry. When my anger at EA and bioware dies down I'll play ME3. Most likely though I'll be playing Skyrim for the rest of the year

  3. It DOES look confusing doesn't it? I really don't think I am picking it up until the price drops WAY down.

    Why do you have anger towards EA and Bioware?

    I have not really played an entire Mass Effect game before. Tried the ME2 demo once and it wasn't my taste. I didn't find I enjoyed the 'building of a party' aspect of it. My tastes run to games like Borderlands, Dead Island, GTA, Red Dead Redemption...I love the idea of an open world, but I love playing with myself. Um...BY MYSELF, as in, not having to level up anyone but ME.

    Never played DE's that?

    1. Mostly the day 1 downloadable content of a character story, and recently finding out it's already on the disk and you're paying an extra $10 on top of what you already paid for. It's a pretty popular series and this is an obvious poorly handled cash grab. It's a shame the ME universe is fantastic and I really recommend you seeing me2 through.

      I loved DE last year. It was my game of the year. It's a lot like robocop and bladerunner.

      Is borderlands 1 worth picking up. I thought it looked pretty cool but never got around to playing it

      Oh I think lollipop chainsaw is a game to look out for. I was just watching an interview with James Gunn(wrote and directed the fantastic film Super) who talks about how he ended up writing everything. So the crazy visuals and a funny script and dial sounds like my sort of game

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  4. Dunno why, Luke, but I did not see your comment when I opened the comments. I am looking forward to Infinite for sure. Batman LEGO 2 will probably be a bit boring, but I will pick it up especially if there are other DC Superheroes.

    And Borderlands 2 for sure...GTA 5 maybe depending on what I hear although from what I understand the engine is exactly the same as GTA 4. We'll see.

    Some people have told me I should look at games like Diablo, based on what I like. But isn't that PC only? I can't do PC games. Never had the skill sets for it. Only Console. Besides, my back is now so royally fucked up I am standing at the computer until I can get it fixed.

    I did not pick up Battlefield 3. Since I am so shitty at Multiplayer (my theory being that unless you have the hours to sink in to any one game title like the kids today do and have buddies to constantly team up with you are destined to suck dick) I can only get games that have good Singleplayer Campaigns, and I heard the Battlefield Singleplayer campaign was like doucheing.