Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh Goddamit, I'm Just Going to Spoil Who the Secret Villain is in the Avengers

There is so much crazy speculating on who the secret villain is in Joss Whedon's upcoming Avengers movie, which surprises me, because I'm sure it was leaked early last year, and everything that keeps coming out just seems to support that. Yet nobody remembers! We're hearing Skrulls, Kree, Red Skull, Namor... all sorts of craziness, but people, that's not it!

Then, recently, Super Hero Hype showed some Lego images which gave us a little bit of a glimpse at the villain's foot soldiers, and people still aren't getting it.

Sigh... So join me after the jump and I will spoil who it is.


Yes. It's Thanos. No bullshit!

And here's why...

1. We know it's alien. 

2. We know there are no big name actors like Hugo Weaving being reported on set, so the villain is most probably CGI. 

3.People have been saying Skrulls, but no, he's not a Skrull, but with that chin he kind of looks like one so that's what people are thinking. 

4. There's also been people speculating that frost giants are in the trailer. No. You're just seeing the purple/blue skin of Thano's race (Titans).

5. Look at the Lego picture again. The aliens are purple and wear gold armour. Who else is purple and wears gold armour? Thanos.

6. Loki is the other villain. We already saw Thano's powerglove in Asgard in the Thor movie. They exist in the same universe. They could already have a history.

7. There were leaks that is was Thanos last year but nobody listened!

I could be wrong, but also my cat could suddenly sprout wings and shoot a rainbow out of its arse. I'm telling you, when you sit down and watch the Avengers later this year, you're going to say, "Holy shit! Fruitless Pursuits was right!"


  1. there's also that entire cosmic cube at the end of Thor thing, which is pretty much a calling card for Thanos in the first place. I don't read comics and I know this. #boom

  2. I'm thinking it's not one villain but Hydra (Cut off one limb and two more shall take its place)with possibly Baron Wolfgang von Strucker as the main leader of Hydra. They seem a more easier to swallow villain than Thanos but if it was Thanos that would be super rad!

  3. Only flaw with Hydra Tim is that it doesn't explain the purple, gold armour-wearing aliens that appear in the film!

  4. I guess hydra is more green and yellow. Thanos isn't really know for his minions though and I figure for this film to work the avengers would have to fight another villain team or some group.

    Maybe Modok and AIM. They are purple and gold. That giant floating head could be the reason they are not showing any footage of him haha

  5. Wait? So I battle random speculation with reason and evidence, and instead get... random speculation? Oh Internets...

    To be fair though, Tim, another toy was shown earlier this year, and they are clearly aliens in armour which look similar to skrulls or Thanos. They are definitely not humans in armour. That's my frustration behind posting this article - most people speculating haven't seen all the clues yet, so this was an attempt to put some pieces together.

  6. I just wish they made Scarlet Jo do the whole film nude...

  7. I only just saw all the skrull toys and the videogame pics... so it's probably the skrull.

    I wonder though that giant robot in the trailer made me think it will be these guys "The Leviathan"

    I've been reading the Nick Fury Secret Warrior comics just recently which is why I was thinking Hydra (the Leviathan is an offshoot or something). The comics are not bad. Worth checking out

  8. Thanos's race is the Eternals of Titan...none of whom, other than Thanos himself, are purple.

  9. No comic book movie has ever been slave to the minutiae of the actual comics, and I doubt that is going to start with Avengers. If it's Thanos (and I still believe it is) it will be a new interpretation, no doubt with a far simplified origin.