Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dawnguard! Skyrim DLC Trailer is Full of Manbats!

Whether you're an assassin, a werewolf, a wizard, or just like gathering and hoarding cheeses, the massive world of Skyrim is still a number one way to lose track of time. And we can all giddily anticipate investing many more hours in the freshly revealed DLC content Dawnguard which appears to trade dragons for a generous helping of manbats!

So it looks like players are being asked to choose between becoming a vampire hunter (Dawnguard?) or, to quote the charming and talented Corey Haim in Lost Boys, "a goddamn shit-sucking vampire."

I played a vampire all the way back in Oblivion so I already know that I'm Team Edward all the way! They're saying it will release in Summer, which is Winter in my part of the world, and will cost 1600 Xbox live points which, for most of us, is about as meaningful as saying it will cost 500 bananas and a handful of bottlecaps.

I cannot wait!


  1. Bah, at this stage Bethesda could fill an expansion with kung fu pandas and I would still go nuts over it.

    Waaait a minute...

  2. 9/10ths certain Kinect will not make it better, but I'm game to try

  3. Another Twilight referrence? When will people realize Twilight sucks?

    1. Ha! You know, it's possible to reference things even if you think they suck. I mean, I just referenced your comment didn't I?