Thursday, May 31, 2012

New E3 Tomb Raider Trailer Reveals Lara Hates Tombs!?

With E3 looming around the corner, it's look like we're getting a lot of early videogame reveals. IGN has shared the first full trailer to give us a proper look at the Tomb Raider reboot. This younger, gutsier, Katniss Everdeenier, Hunger Gamesier, Lara Croft proclaims at the end of the trailer, "I hate tombs!" Shit, well that's bad luck becoming a Tomb Raider then! That's like a butcher who hates bacon!

While the actual gameplay looks closer to Uncharted (which was inspired by Tomb Raider so the serpent is eating itself despite the taste) this new incarnation certainly looks a lot darker and grittier. Notice how the blood-soaked, traumatised Lara is now forced to deal with not just corpses, guns and wolves, but also the shadow of rape! Repeatedly press the 'x' button to fend off thug number 4's unwanted advances! This looks like paying to have someone kick the crap out of you for 12 consecutive hours.

Still! I'll probably buy it! What do you think?

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