Monday, May 28, 2012

Kickstart the Week: Scanbox - Turn your iPhone into a portable scanner

Sometimes a concept is so simple that it just blows your mind. It doesn't help that this one was executed so perfectly.

Trying to quickly scan something at home is the worst. Not only do you need to have a scanner setup and ready to go, you need to have the programs that can import the scan. Then you get to wait forever while it buzzes around until it finally shows up on your computer. 10 minutes later you are ready to email it out, or whatever you were going to do.

This cuts out all of that.

At a $15 pledge you will get a Scanbox, (which is delivering in July!). The creators made this lightweight, so it's super portable and shipping is very inexpensive. The $25 Scanbox Plus comes with LED lights for poorly lit conditions (such as any room in my house). And if you want a lot of these, you can get 50 X Scanbox Plus for $1150. I'd love to see a personal scanner on every desk at work eliminating the lines in the copy rooms. 

1 comment:

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