Sunday, July 29, 2012

Batman vs Bane

I quite liked Dark Knight Rises not really up there with Dark Knight but it finished Nolan's Batman trilogy pretty well. Although if I had to pick the definitive Batman I'd have to go with the Animated Batman. See their version of Batman fighting Bane

Every time I go back and watch this series (and the straight to video movies) especially the first few seasons it always shocks me with how good it was.

I've got a few other clips after the jump

Here's something new from the DC Shorts by Chinese animators Wolf Smoke (kung-fu cooking you might have seen). Really nice movement I love batman in the second clip

I like that there will always be a new Batman and a new interpretation of him. Sometimes I will nerd rage at some of the choices the creators will make (a dreadlocked Joker) and sometimes even though I didn't like it at the start it ends up growing on me (Brave and the Bold, Batman Begins).

Always looking forward to seeing some new Batman and also picking up on some of the Batman I missed (like Paul Popes Batman 100, that's an absolute gem of a comic). Feel free to comment on some of your favourite interpretations of the Batman, I'd love to hear them.

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