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Stryder's Favourite Comics - 8/8/2012

Howdy folks!  Time once again for some talk about comic books!  Second week of the month, as usual lately, is heavy on the Bats!  I love the covers to Batman lately...they've been so cool looking!  This month's is no exception so let's take a look...

Batman #12 - You may remember, back in Batman #7, poor Bruce had just thrown himself into icy water to escape the Court of Owls and was basically dead.  Luckily for him, a young lady by the name of Harper Row found him floating in the harbour and had to shock his heart with a car battery to bring him back to life!!!  He obvioulsy already knew her, but no other details were forthcoming...until now!

This issue, we get to meet Harper and her brother Cullen, and learn about their lives in the Narrows of Gotham City.  The Row siblings have had a rough go of things, getting beaten up and terrorized by street punks on a daily basis...until one day Batman stepped in and SAVED them!  As a thank-you, Harper, who works for the city maintaining the Gotham power grid and has mad skills at repairing things in general, decides she needs to help the Bat however she can, and boy does she find a way! 

Of course, this is BATMAN we're talking about.  Her "help" is actually interference and he warns her off.  A little rudely, but it makes sense...if civilians start interfering in this sort of thing they're only gonna wind up in the way or dead.  Of course, having Batman scold her doesn't take away Harper's motivation...I suppose luckily, as this all happens in flashback and if the scolding had taken, Batman may never have made it out of the Court of Owls alive!  I'm sure we haven't heard the last of Harper Row...she's an interesting character and I am very curious to see what becomes of her!

More Batman (and Robin) along with some Before Watchmen and tons more after the JUMP!

The Ravagers #4 - After 3 issues of forcing us to learn NEW characters, this month it's finally time to spotlight the duo who made me want to purchase this comic in the first place, Beast Boy and Terra!!  Having been made a fan of these characters through the old Teen Titans cartoon and comics, I've been wanting to see what they would be like in the New 52 for some time.  This month we finally get to see them for more than a page at a time as they mount a rescue operation for Ridge, Thunder, Lightning and Fairchild, who have been captured by Brother Blood and his cult of skinless followers!  This attempt is made, despite the fact that Beast Boy and Terra abandoned the others to their fates back in issue #1, because Beast Boy has been having crazy visions/nightmares about what will happen if Blood is allowed to succeed!  Ah, good times!

Brother Blood, of course,  wanted to use our heroes (rather their blood!) to open a dimensional door to something called "The Red" which is somehow intrinsically connected to Beast Boy, to, you know, gain absolute power or whatever.  It's such an obvious plan...Well, for a moment at least, he's successful, and there are dire consequences!  Not everyone walks away at the end of this issue!

Before Watchmen:  Ozymandias #2 (of 6) - "My name is Ozymandias, king of kings.  Look on my works ye mighty---and despair."

Adrian Veidt not only picks his superhero name (see above) this issue, but also busts his first drug ring, as he continues his life story from Issue #1.  We get to learn a bit more about his methods, his fighting style, et al.  We also get treated to a very wordy narrative from an egotistical man...One is left wondering if maybe Adrian, in telling us this story, is leaving out any part where he might have made some mistakes.  Of course, being the "world's smartest man" he probably doesn't MAKE mistakes.  Or at least he doesn't THINK he does.

Adrian's success with the drug dealers makes him wonder whatever happened to the costumed adventurers that went before him?  Hooded Justice in particular concerns him, as no one seems to know what fate he may have met.  Adrian never met a puzzle he didn't like and also SOLVE, so....of we go to search for clues!  Of course, if you start putting your nose into places it doesn't belong in the Watchmen universe, it's liable to be ripped right off your face! Careful, Ozy...

Batgirl #12 - Knightfall and her gang of ruffians are still out for Batgirl's blood...blood she'd very much like to keep in her body!  Regardless, she's to meet them, ALONE, on top of some building in Gotham to trade herself for some 16 year old street punk who's now been brutally tortured.  Of course, Barbara's no dummy...she knows this group of maniacs is going to double cross she maybe isn't quite so ALONE as they'd have liked...

Then again, her "help" consists of a GCPD Detective who's looking pretty corrupt and who hates Batgirl's guts and Batwoman, who has never met Barb before and who starts off, as all masked heroes seem to start off upon first meeting, by trying to beat the crap out of Batgirl!  See, this is why I stopped buying Batwoman comics...she just doesn't feel like part of the FAMILY.  That she and Barb had NEVER MET before just proves that...

Oh in other news, Commissioner Gordon is finally tipped off that his son, James Jr., has escaped from Arkham Asylum (all the way back in Batman The Dark Knight #1).  He's understandably worried.  If he knew where both his son (he's HELPING Knightfall) and his daughter (She's Batgirl!  See above!) were, he'd be even MORE concerned...

Superboy #12 -  This issue Superboy has a night on the town, as he realizes that he's never actually gone anywhere or done anything for fun!  Luckily his new landlord just happens to be a rich heiress type named Dallas Sorrentino, and she is more than happy to take the handsome, rich (he robbed that bank, remember) stranger boy out to the hottest night spot or whatnot. 

Well, of course things go horribly wrong.  This is Superboy we're talking about.  He hasn't even settled on a normal "human" name yet!  (We all know it will be Conner, of course...he keeps bringing up how Supergirl called him Kon-El and it's just the logical next step.  Plus I watch Young Justice!).  Anyway, another rich heiress type (named Kiva)shows up with her entourage and it turns out she's a meta-human and  is after Superboy's rich heiress who owes her money or something?  Clearly there's more to this than we yet get to know!

Oh, Kiva makes Superboy hallucinate by using his own power against him or something.  It's pretty trippy but I wouldn't be TOO worried.  I think the "why's" are a little more important this time than the "how's"...I'm also pretty sure that Dallas is going to play a bigger part as we continue...stay tuned!

Batman and Robin #12 - Batman uses lots of cool tricks to fight Terminus, the crackpot from the last few issues who's gotten together a bunch of permanently-scarred-by-Batman henchmen and has been going around trying to ruin Batman's rep by branding people and places with his symbol.  He's trying to make people associate the Bat symbol with pain and fear.  Now he's getting some pain and fear of his own...

Oh, right, cool tricks!  Terminus is in power armour, so Batman gets to A) launch those spikey things off of his gloves into the dude's head and B) Get the Batmobile to open up a secret compartment which contains (Dun dun DUUUUNN) Bat-Power-Armour!!  Batman is infinitely cooler than Iron Man because he has all the same toys, but usually he's just like...Nawww, I don't need 'em.  He only cracks them out on special occasions!

Meanwhile Robin is trying to take down Terminus' many, many henchmen.  Luckily, despite their ongoing "feud", the OTHER Robins, Nightwing, Red Robin and Red Hood all show up to help.  It neatly resolves the "War of the Robins" subplot (conveniently forgoing a battle between Dick and Damian).  I guess Damian's satisfied regardless, as he did show up both Tim and Jason...and if I've learned anything from that Meatloaf song it's that 2 out of 3 ain't bad!  And anyway, like Dick says, "You don't need to try so hard, Damian.  If you haven't noticed, kid, you're already wearing the "R" on your chest."

Suicide Squad #12 - This issue the traitor to the Suicide Squad, the member who has secretly been working for Basilisk the whole time, is finally revealed!  No, I'm not gonna tell you who it is!

Interesting issue...the Squad is literally about to be sacrificed by a lost tribe of Mayans when the criminal terrorist organization known as Basilisk attacks and captures them! Shockingly, they're being led by Captain Boomerang!  He's turned up working for Basilisk!  We also get the meet what appears to be their "supreme leader" type, a guy called Regulus.  He dresses, oddly enough, a little like Loki from The Avengers.  Weird.  Regardless, people take him seriously and his will is done.  But not if Deadshot, Harley Quinn, King Shark and the rest have any say in it!!

Oh,'s a secret.  The Squad isn't the ONLY one with a spy in their midst!  Basilisk has fallen victim to their OWN traitor!!  Who could it be??  Maybe I'll tell you in October...

Well, that's all the time we have today!  Another great week for comics!  Of course, every week with comics is a great week in Stryder Land...speaking of which, this Wednesday sees the release of Before Watchmen Rorschach #1, the somewhat-delayed Green Lantern #12, Nightwing, Supergirl and more!!!  Can't wait!

As always, you can dwell on my more serious side over at Stryder's Dementia.  This week I'm just trying not to drop the ball...take a look!

So that's it?  Why you still reading?  Go play!  Peace out silly rabbits!

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