Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let's Play The Secret World Part One: Alfie "Egganchips" Geezeburger!

We're switching it up! Here's a new video of Suzanne and I playing and commenting on the other new MMORPG... The Secret World!

Dark and arcane horrors are leaking into the modern world and we take up the mantle of a brand new hero to kick their freakish arses back to hell! Check it out!


  1. So glad you guys are doing this! Not only is it hella entertaining (imagining Suze's face while Luke's londonin' it up) but I've been really curious about this particular MMO.

  2. Luke, those pants are awful. My BFF Alfie Allen would never wear pants like that.

  3. Thanks, Jade! We've got a lot of games planned if people want to watch them!

    Jacinta: You won't be mocking his camouflaged bottom half when tiny crotch-level demons are attacking from the nether!