Thursday, August 16, 2012

Halo Avatar Figures Are Weirdly Addictive

Remember the initial backlash when X-Box 360 added the new menu / avatar system? It's been a few years now and everyone has gotten used to it. But.. enough to sell blind packaged figures of Halo styled avatars?

I gave in and bought 3 of them. At $2.99 a piece, they felt like pocket change in the overpriced Mohegan Sun casino marketplace (as seen in the fancy marble backdrop of my photos) . For the price of three of these weird little guys, I could buy 2 bottles of water or spend 30 seconds at a slot machine. Given the circumstances, Halo Avatar Figures were the best option. Plus this was a Suncoast Motion Picture Co., which doesn't exist back at home... so I'd probably never see these again.

Check out the waving camo dude! And the Warthog! Are you curious what these look like up close? Click through the jump to see which ones I got.

A closer look at the box shows the cockiest of the X-Box avatar poses as well as a few Halo related t-shirts.

Here is the capsule up close. Kind of a cool form of packaging. I'm not sure how the Warthog would even fit in here though.

Aha! If I read the packaging a little better, I would have seen that these are interchangeable. You can mix and match to create your own avatar (barely).

So my first one was the weird armor that I don't really like that much, but I got two more. The ODST shirt with flaming helmet, and the REACH shirt. No waving camo guy. :(

These are pretty small, around the height of a Dunny, but as thin as a Sharpie. They are a little tough to stand up, but you can pose them on the lids of the packaging, which is a really nice touch. It adds a ton to the display value and can help keep them standing.

At $2.99, the price felt just about right. They are a little better than your standard capsule toy, and they have the licensing of Halo behind them. So, if you are a Halo fan, who doesn't hate X-Box avatars, likes random packaging, and lives in the vicinity of a Suncoast... then you are in luck! 


  1. Hi, just an advice. That's not exactly how you stand them, thre is a stand on the bottom of the cylinder box. The avatar figure has a hole on it's foot (not sure for warthog though) but it is to put your avatar on the pin of the stand.

    1. Hey, thanks for mentioning this. I just realized it the other day as well. I was looking at the bases and realized there was a peg there! That little peg is a huge help.