Saturday, September 8, 2012

What Kind of Reader Are You?

Above is an artsy fartsy photo of our home library. At last count, I own something around 1700 books. I have a problem.

Anyway, The Atlantic posted two articles about the type of reader you are: What Kind of Reader Are You and the inevitable addendum. It turns out that I fit a whole pile of these archetypes - I'm very much a Chronological Reader, as well as Delayed-Onset #1, and an obvious Cross-Under and Multi-Tasker. I'm also fairly Hopelessly Devoted, both a Critic and Easily Influenced, I'm too much of a Sharer, and definitely Anything Goes.

Meanwhile, I married a Book Buster, which is often hellish (such as the time where she wrote a phone number on the inside of the dust jacket for Anathem. Still mad). So let's talk a bit - what kind of reader are you?

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