Friday, October 19, 2012

Insane Superman Exploders Commercial Eerily Foreshadows New Movie!

Zack Snyder's 2013 Superman movie, Man of Steel, in still some time away, but for now we can pique our curiosity as to what it may entail thanks to this new commercial for the clearly batshit insane line of tie-in Superman Exploders. Clearly research has proven that the modern child has no patience for creating complex narratives with their toys and instead want to wildly fling them across the room with reckless abandon, smashing and knocking over all and sundry, preferably while screaming loudly. I still blame Angry Birds!

Seriously... what the crap is going on here...

If you can get past the fact that Superman now has long stretchy arms so that you can smash a vase or violently catapult him into a pet or sibling's face, you'll also get some insight into the fact that Man of Steel appears to star a pale, bald General Zod as the major villain, complete with robot army. I guess at least this will provide more opportunities for action than Superman having a bastard son and crying. 

However, I do hope that this raucous new trend in toy design continues. Perhaps the hottest gift this Christmas will be a Furby that you take out of the box, kick the shit out of, and throw through a window. Well played!

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