Monday, October 15, 2012


No longer just a hopeful internet catchphrase, it has been confirmed at NYCC that Agent Phil Coulson does in fact live. We last saw our favourite dry-witted SHIELD buddy on the wrong end of a Loki shish kebab in The Avengers, and while it all looked pretty final (he was checking OUT, you guys!) Joss Whedon has confirmed that not only is Coulson going to be in the upcoming tv spinoff, he is (and I quote) "...headlining the S.H.I.E.L.D show and always was."


I'm interested to know if 'always' really was 'always' or just 'since the internet went batshit crazy for Coulson'. The suggestion is at this stage that the tv show will run alongside the Marvel movie universe, which hopefully will leave the door open to cameos from the movie cast. Cause the last time Jeremy Renner was in a Joss Whedon show it just worked out SO well...

S'up, Nsync?
*purges brain* The early 00's were tough on us all. No word yet on WHEN we'll get to treat ourselves to a weekly dose of Coulson, but with rumours circulating that production would be getting underway 'immediately', we're holding out hope that there might even be a pilot before the next Marvel 'Verse movie. Stay tuned for news as it comes to light, and probably a few more barely contextually appropriate pictures of Jeremy Renner.


  1. OMG! This might actually get me watching a Whedon show! This info COMPLETELY passed me by, sheesh Jacinta, what kind of a friend are you

  2. I'm telling you now! And I'm telling you that you need to watch Firefly.