Monday, October 1, 2012

The Best Worst Movie Death Scene(s) Ever Filmed

After spotting the clip from the 1974 Turkish action messterpiece 'Karate Girl' (oddly, a film I have seen, but don't own) that I shared on Facebook, Jay suggested that I do an article on more 'Worst Death Scenes'. Finding that to be too tempting a thought, I accepted the challenge knowing that I'd have plenty to choose from. Firstly, kudos to whomever was the first to upload that bit of hilarity to youtube. It was a long time coming. Here's the soon to be legendary clip:

And now after giving this thing some thought, here are 5 top runners up that I was able to come up with and (lickily) find on youtube. Enjoy...

First up, here's American Tae Kwan Do exponent Roy Horan getting his comeuppance from Jackie Chan in 'Snake in the Eagle's Shadow', Jackie's first hit film after a string of commercial failures. C'mon Roy, take it down a notch but!

Next, we have a bad guy beaten to death with his own arm in 'Deadly Prey' (a film that fans of 'Everything is Terrible' should be familiar with). This particular gag had already been done in 'The Monster and the Stripper', but is handled even more hilariously awkward here:

Next, we have Italy's fave film hack Bruno Mattei and his most infamous (and beloved) film, Strike Commando, starring Reb 'Big McLarge Huge' Brown. Here, Reb has an awesomely awkward smackdown with a Russian baddie named Jakoda. Jakoda keeps caling Reb, 'Americanski', even as he's plummeting to his death... or does he?

Next up we have another Turkish delight as an evil, bloodthirsty Spiderman has a prisoner killed via a ferocious Guinea Pig in the screwed up superhero yarn, 3 Dev Adam (3 Mighty Men). Not to worry though as evil Spidey will eventually get what's coming to him thanks to the heroic team of Captain America and El Santo:

Last (but not least, possibly most depending on your tastes) we have this little ditty. But first a bit of backstory to help you understand what you are about to witness. There once was a husband and wife filmmaking duo named Ron and Suzie Ormond. These two wonderful weirdos were responsible for the previously mentioned 'Monster and the Stripper' aka 'The Exotic Ones' which featured rockabilly star Sleepy La Beef as the monster of the swamp. Fast forward a few years and the Ormonds find themselves the survivors of a horrific plane crash. 'Born Again' as a result of this, they embark on a series of 'Religious Scare Films' that would be shown throughout churches along the deep south; all more hideous and outrageous than any horror film they had previously lensed. This clip is from the most crazed film of all, 'If Footmen Tire You, What will Horses Do?'. Get ready...

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