Monday, October 1, 2012

Kickstart the Week: The Perfect Heist by Karl Tiedemann

There is something very intriguing about The Perfect Heist. I can't tell if it's the really slick artwork, or heist movie references, the high-quality-yet-normal-guy Kickstarter video, or the fact that it funded almost $30,000 in one day from a Reddit post written by normal-guy's wife (see "It only took seven years, but finally my husband's dream is close to coming true." on Reddit).

Either way, the game looks pretty fun. It's similar to the mega-successful card game, Munchkin, in that it's a take-that style card game, with some cooperation when needed... but there are some things that make this very different. You are trying to pull off the perfect heist, and sometimes you will need assistance from your opponents. The kicker is that you have a past relationship as shown on a card placed between each player. It's the social game changer, and hopefully has just enough of an impact to change up every game.

Thanks to Reddit, the game is 300% over it's funding goal and still going really strong. It's interesting to see a game break the standard mold of success. There are no reviews and this is Karl Tiedemann's first project. In today's weary Kickstarter times, where creators are being judged more and more on their past experience, it's great to see something like this break through.

The Perfect Heist has 17 days to go, and some nice pledge levels, but the best part is that the game is expected to deliver in December. You might be playing this game in 2012!

Check out The Perfect Heist on Kickstarter:

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