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Stryder's Favourite Comics - 1/9/2013

Well, here we are halfway through January and hopefully settled in well to the new year!  All we need now is something to read...oh wait, I know...COMICS!

Earth 2 #8 - "What can I say?  I got her at an impressionable age."

There's a complete shift of focus this month on Earth 2!  We come to the kingdom of Dherain...a country that harboured troops for Darkseid in the great war.  Now, 5 years later, it still harbours Darkseid's general, Steppenwolf!  He's stuck on Earth 2 with no way home...so what's a immoralistic genius strategist to do?  Why, try to take over the world, of course!

That's getting ahead though...for now Steppenwolf has decided that rather than be a guest in Dherain, he'd rather kill King Marov and take over!  To be fair, the king was just about to have him assassinated to win favour from the other nations of Earth 2.  Survival of the fittest. 

Of course, King Marov has an army.  Luckily, Steppenwolf has something even better!  Taken at a young age and raised (trained) by Steppenwolf...she calls herself Fury!  Oh and her lineage is...impressive.  With her help, anything seems possible for Darkseid's erstwhile General!

Action Comics, Detective Comics, Green Arrow and more after the JUMP!

Detective Comics #16 - "Gotham's got something in the air tonight.  Fear hangs over the city like a thick fog.  Because The Joker is loose."

Another tie-in to "Death of the Family", this month's issue deals with the shift that happens to Gotham City when The Joker is active in town.  How all the other crazies take it as a sign that anarchy reigns!  Batman has to travel throughout the city putting out these small, mean fires, as seemingly hundreds of Joker-philes, otherwise normal people who seem hell-bent on ruining their lives by emulating their pasty-faced hero, cause pain and mischief on the streets!  This is all really just distracting the Dark Knight from his main goal of finding and stopping the Clown Prince!

Also in this issue, the continuing story of Ignatius Ogilvy, the opportunist who is attempting a coup of the Penguin's criminal empire!  While Penguin's off "helping" Joker with whatever his nefarious plans are, Ogilvy's started calling himself Emperor Penguin and wants the whole place for himself!  Bold!  Stupid, perhaps...but bold!

Green Arrow #16 - "Take the hit off my head Harrow, or I'll shoot out  your other eye."

Green Arrow, still suffering from concussion-like symptoms from last month, now has to deal with this guy Harrow and his gang trying to kill him...not only that, but there's a misguided youth downtown along a parade route and he's got an entire building wired up with enough explosives to blow!  He's on the roof with the triggering device threatening to take himself and a big chunk of the parade out at the same time!  Can Arrow figure out some way to stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life??  He might have trouble...did I mention he's almost completely out of arrows?

Let's be honest here...this story was pretty ho-hum filler...luckily there's a big new creative team coming next month!  So if you're contemplating purchasing your first ever issue of Green Arrow...well, this ain't it!  Next Month!  Green Arrow may just improve yet!

Action Comics #16 - "Whatever that is...it's not normal, Lois."

I don't even know where to begin trying to describe what's going on this month in Action Comics.  The Little Man aka Vyndktvx of the 5th dimension, is collding past, present and future and narrowing down possibilties all to one end...the (2nd) death of Superman!  He's doing a really good job too.  Echos of Doomsday...

There seems to be some hope though...the Legion of Super Heroes guest star from the distant future!  Krypto reappears, looking positively feral, to lend a hand (paw?)!  Also, perhaps "Mr. Triple X" can be awoken from his coma?  If Jimmy and Lois can figure it out...

There's so much more going on here, though...from what I hear, it's Grant Morrison's second-last issue before he moves on to other projects...so things are REALLY heating up!

The Phantom Stranger #4 - "Oh, the lad's pissed.  I can feel it from here."

The Phantom Stranger is pulled out of his little domestic life as "Phillip Stark" yet again...this time by John Constantine and his Justice League Dark!  Of course he doesn't take too kindly to this.  Constantine wants the Stranger to promise to help the JLD in the future as it seems dark days may be on the horizon.  The Phantom Stranger, of course, has no interest in helping anyone that does not expedite his release from the curse.  However, somehow Constantine has one of the Strangers 30 coins!  This just got interesting...

Well, that business isn't over, but it gets put on the back-burner when the Stranger returns to his home to find his wife and children missing and his babysitter crucified in his living room!  Pandora is there too...but she's not the villain.  Who is?  We'll likely find out...next month!

Worlds' Finest #8 - "Get up Helena.  Falling can happen...but failing isn't an option."

Huntress gets a little careless this issue and lets a couple of assassins get the drop on her!  She still has that billion Euro bounty on her head from shady billionaire tyrant Ibn Hassan, as seen in the Crossbow at the Crossroads miniseries/TPB.  Luckily, Power Girl arrives in time to save Helena's life and whisk her away to medical care!  Then it's time for Power Girl to go hunt down the assassins, and more importantly, the man who offered the bounty!

We get some cool flashback/memories of Helena's in this issue...remembrances of her parents, Earth 2's Batman and Catwoman.  We also get a tease of THIS world's Batman...wondering just how far away Robin's been going lately (he'd been up north to fight werewolves, sort-of, with his big sister!) It's only a matter of time before our Earth's "Greatest Detective", Bruce Wayne, meets his "daughter", Helena.

Gotta say, once again I'm impressed with this comic!  The story lately has been so much stronger than it was in the beginning!  Maybe I just don't like big radioactive monsters.  Regardless, good work!

And so we come to the end of another week!  It's been fun, and hey, tomorrow's New Comic Book Day all over again!  I love how that works out...what's on the agenda?  Howsabout more "Death of the Family" with new issues of Batman, Batgirl and Batman and Robin!  Not to mention, "H'El on Earth" continues in Superboy!  Plus of course there's even more than that!

Well, I can't wait for that...probably why I'm all bummed out like a loser this week at Stryder's Dementia...Or it could just be because, the very next day, snot started leaking out of various orifices and just hasn't stopped yet...ugh.

Oh well, nothing that can't be beat with a little optimism and a lot of medication....hope everyone has a good week!  Peace and love freakazoids!  Later...

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