Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kickstart the Week: Zogar's Gaze by Grey Gnome Games

Zogar's Gaze is a card game with cool artwork, theme and cool concepts all around.

Grey Gnome Games is taking a different approach to board game publishing. Instead of ordering the game from a manufacturer in China, they are ordering the parts and components from various US based manufacturers, and compiling them together themselves, shrink wrapping and fulfilling orders. It's an old school approach and a business model that you don't hear much of anymore.

They've successfully done this previously with Plague: The Card Game and now Zogar's Gaze is trucking along through the channels of Kickstarter.

Zogar’s Gaze is a press-your-luck driven game that uses both cards and dice to deal with the many obstacles in Zogar’s lair. Players draw at random a race and class card at the beginning of the game and keep these identities a secret from the other players. Both the race and class have separate win conditions that must be met in order to win the game. On your turn you can explore as long as you want at the risk of losing all you have gained. In addition, Zogar’s Gaze is always on the lookout. If seven of his ever-piercing eyes are revealed, all players lose, and Zogar wins! Muhahahaha!
For $35 you will get a copy of the game along with all stretch goals that are unlocked during the campaign. For $65 you can get a copy of the game PLUS a copy of Plague. And if you spend a little more you can get a metal print of the box art. There are also buttons, T-Shirts and iPhone cases for all of the merchandising you can handle!

Check out Zogar's Gaze on Kickstarter:

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