Thursday, January 17, 2013

Han Launches First!

The Star Wars Angry Birds toys are still dominating the toy store shelves, and rightly so. Not only did they make cool vehicles / characters and a mock early bird set... now they are tugging at the Original Trilogy purists heart with the new Han Solo Blaster.

First of all it comes with a GREEDO TARGET. If there has ever been a complete disregard the silly concept of Han shooting second, Hasbro has nailed it. Who gets shot at by a target and then shoots the target in defense? Seriously.

Then there are the instructions on the back that specifically reference the sacred cantina scene. You are basically being told to mow down Greedo, just like in the movie.

In a world filled with bad board game movies and action figures with terrible cloth outfits, Hasbro has come out on top with something that is faithful to the original, and completely against the final word of George Lucas.  Get yours before the new, modified, delayed-shot version replaces it!

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