Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Batman - Li'l Gotham

Hey folks!  Just wanted to plug the first in-print release of the hit digital comic L'il Gotham!

If you're a little tired of the ultra-violent, peel-off-your-face, little kids dying horribly, corpses sewn together dark dark world of the New 52 Batman and are pining for a simpler age, OR if you just want to read a universe where Damian "Robin" Wayne is still alive and well, this MAY be the comic for you!  Granted, the plots are very kid-friendly, but it's beautifully drawn and I'm a sucker for water-colour.  Curious?  Join me after the jump for a peek inside!

The first issue of L'il Gotham contains two stories...the first has Batman teaching Robin all about Halloween...leading to some pretty amusing interpretations of the holiday from the raised-by-assasins Boy Wonder.  We also get to see the (not-so) Dark Knight use brains rather than brawn to catch a few escaped Arkhamites...

The second story tackles the very next holiday...Thanksgiving!  This chapter sees the Penguin leading a Turkey Revolt through the streets of Gotham! 

What can I say?  I love me some light-hearted Batman and Robin!

Man, I miss Damian in the New 52...c'mon Lazarus Pit!!!

Ahem..I digress...L'il print for the first time and in stores TODAY!  Or get it's been out for a while so you can get several issues already.

Stupid kid stuff or awesome all-ages art?  You be the judge!  Let me know what you think!

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