Monday, April 8, 2013

16-Bit Lincoln Playing Cards on Kickstarter!

This week's featured Kickstarter is a personal project that I am involved with. It's a high quality Bicycle playing card deck based off of my card game, Pixel Lincoln!

Bicycle cards are known worldwide as some of the nicest, classiest cards you can find and we went ahead and negated all of that with 16-bit pixel art and images of Lincoln flinging weapons made of meat. To take it a step even further, we took the standard sticker that seals the deck and made it our Puking Turtle (which was originally designed by Luke Milton). The face cards feature Lincoln and Booth's faces in extreme close up detail, and the deck includes a bonus of 4 jokers to mix things up a little.

We also added a few bonuses for fans of Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game as well as those who like to make their own games.

If you are a fan of retro gaming, the 16th president or our Pixel Lincoln insanity, check out the deck on Kickstarter. One week left and 30% to go! Thanks!!
(also, if you haven't noticed, we added a Kickstarter banner link to the side of the site. Each featured Kickstarter can be tracked and accessed right there ---->)

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