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Stryder's Favourite Comics - 4/3/2013

It's WTF!?! month at DC Comics!  Or at least it was until they decided that the marketing campaign was too edgy...they still kept the concept however, giving every comic this month a fold-out cover to reveal a WTF moment!  Of course, then they put them all on the 'net so it's not a surprise anymore...so let's take a look at the WHOLE covers for this week's new comics!

Action Comics #19 - "These people--ALL people--Are under my protection." 

It's a whole new Action Comics this month with an empasis on ACTION!  Set "One Year Ago" Clark Kent is in war-torn Qurac along with Lois Lane (working on a story of her own!) and looking for illegal, smuggled weapons.  Clark doesn't have to wait long before his contact points him towards some cargo ships (and ruins his best shot with Lois...sigh) and then it's up, up and away!  The illegal weapons?  Massive sci-fi war machines that burst out of their vessels and immediately go on the attack!!  Definitely a job for Superman!

Also this issue, we get to visit with Lex Luthor, as he consults with the "preeminent psychoanalyst of our age" in circumstances that literally made me laugh out loud!  Lex just gained +5 as a villain and I can't wait to see how his plans play out!

Oh, as for the Jimmy Olsen thing?  Go buy the book!

Great and fun issue all-around by writer Andy Diggle and artist Tony S. Daniel!  I was nervous after the amazing run by Morrison and Morales that just concluded, but now I can't wait for the next issue!  I just hope they can get a good permanent writer, as I understand that Diggle is extremely temporary...

Detective Comics, Green Arrow, Earth 2 and more after the JUMP!!

Detective Comics #19 - "I did this.  This is my fault."

It's a special 80-page issue of Detective Comics this month, to commemorate what WOULD have been issue #900 of the comic, had the numbers not been reset at the start of the New 52.  Instead, we get a story called "The 900", which is both the slang term for a very affluent neighborhood within Gotham City (a neighborhood where Batman is rarely needed) and also the approximate number of Man-Bats that Batman mysteriously must face!  Where are they all coming from?  What's going on? 

Oddly, this comic presents itself as the first meeting between Batman and Dr. Kirk Langstrom, the creator of the Man-Bat serum and (formerly) the first victim of it's effects (he was trying to cure deafness with bat DNA)!  It's odd because Dr. Langstrom has already appeared (along with an army of ninja Man-Bats) in Batman, Incorporated.  Of course, this is the New 52 and the story was "rebooted" half-way through, so just try to ignore the inconsistencies and enjoy!  All four stories are pretty good!  Is it the end all, be all issue 900 spectacular greatest comic ever?  No.  Still, it's a fun and entertaining read!

Green Arrow #19 - "I want answers, dammit!  You hear me?!  I WANT ANSWERS!"

Oliver Queen is still trying to find out the truth...his whole life could well be a lie!  He's being led around and given mysterious tidbits of information by a stranger known only as Magus, while a different stranger, another archer known as Komodo, does his best to kill him!  Both have a mysterious connection to Oliver's dad, and also to the island where he was stranded...the island where Green Arrow was born!  Oliver seems to have no choice but to unravel this mystery, despite his abhorrence for being led around by the nose in this manner.

Another great issue of Green Arrow!  Writing, artwork, colours...everything is perfect!  I'm still in shock that I actually LIKE Green Arrow now!  Amazing! 

Earth 2 #11 - "I may have polite airs, good lady, but do not mistake them for a polite heart."

The Flash and the mortal bonded to the Helm of Fate, a man named Khalid, are attempting to find the aforementioned helmet in the mysterious Realm of Nabu, while simultaneously avoiding being eaten or otherwise painfully killed by the great lumbering beast that guards the whole place!  Making this far more difficult is the fact that the whole place is like that Escher print with all the staircases.

While Khalid has no desire to regain the magical powers of Nabu, which apparently nearly drove him insane in the past, an evil sorcerer named Wotan has the Flash's MOM hostage!  Wotan wants the Helm of Fate for himself, but only Khalid can bring it forth from hiding!  What are ya gonna do...it's the guy's MOM! 

Green Lantern #19 - "You said you needed help.  You've never said that before.  At least, not to me."

Sinestro has escaped from being dead and is more than ready to confront this so-called First Lantern  as the "Wrath of the First Lantern" crossover continues!  However, even Sinestro knows that he can't defeat that monster all alone.  He doesn't trust the other Green Lanterns or the Guardians, so who else can help him?  Howsabout the Korugarian army?!  Of course, it's possible that Sinestro just led the First Lantern to the only planet in the Universe he cares anything about...

Meanwhile, Hal Jordan is still (more or less) dead...and trying to decide just how "dead" he needs to be to escape the strange black limbo dimension he is trapped within!  Last issue we learned that there may be a way out for Hal, but it means he'll need to use the Black Hand's power ring.  For that, well...you must be VERY dead...I can't help but remember the prophecy from several issues back...that "Hal Jordan will be the GREATEST Black Lantern!"  Could this prophecy be close to fulfillment?

The Phanton Stranger #7 - "But you love fairy tales, don't you Stranger?"

The Phantom Stranger is extremely anxious to find the kidnapped family of his strange alter-ego, Phillip StarkTerrance Thirteen has left him a message to get in touch, as he has some information that may help.  Unfortunately for the Stranger, though, duty comes first!  The "Voice", our hero's mysterious master, has commanded him to head to Metropolis instead, where he must confront television newscaster Jack Ryder!  The Phantom Stranger must overcome Ryder's cowardice and convince him to cover a news story about a giant slimy monster attacking the city!

Of course, once his job is done, the Stranger is free to return to Terrance Thirteen to see what he can discover.  As the cover indicates, the answers just might lead to another Question!!

Worlds' Finest #11 - "Let them have a little mystery in their lives..."

Huntress resumes her interrupted search of Holt Industries this month, as she and Power Girl continue their investigation of the weapons of Apokalips that are being distributed here on our Earth!   Sadly,  Helena's computer hacking is interrupted by some angry, machine gun toting security guards.  Of course, this is not a problem for the (Earth 2) daughter of Catwoman and Batman, but it's still an annoyance!

Plan "B" is for Huntress and Power Girl to break out their cocktail dresses and head to a fancy party that Holt Industries is throwing, to learn if socializing as businesswomen can get them further than breaking and entering.  Oh and of course Power Girl wants to confront the suddenly returned Michael Holt, her ex-boyfriend and the man at the center of this mystery!  As the issue's cover above indicates, even at a party surrounded by media, they still manage to find something shocking!

And that's it!  First week of April down!  Join me next time as tomorrow brings us another New Comic Book day and new issues of Batman, Nightwing, Batman and Robin, Superboy and more! 

More Stryder's Dementia?  Don't mind if I do!  Come for the cute pic of Emma Greenwell, stay for my barely coherent rambling!

All right, all right I'm done!  Have another awesome week!  Peace!

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