Monday, April 29, 2013

Doctor Who: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

We are now approaching the end of the long drawn out seventh season of new Doctor Who. I say long drawn out because this season was divided so many times and has been airing over such a long time that it feels like it’s been going forever. The season has suffered from a strange pace as a result. I have to say, the front end of the season featuring Amy and Rory has been stronger, and this is coming from someone who never really liked Amy as a companion. I like Clara but I feel like the stories are not getting the best out of her and are not completely hanging together. This episode is again strangely paced, though I have to say I liked the concept. Follow me under the cut where I talk about its execution!

Before I watched this episode I was intrigued by the concept, though the most common thing I heard after it aired was “I really want Clara’s dress”. I think this sums the episode up quite nicely. Basically, very little of consequence happens in this episode, and it was an episode that seemed to promise a lot of consequence.

The Doctor is trying to foster a relationship between the TARDIS and Clara who are not getting along. Dropping the shields to allow Clara to fly the TARDIS results in them getting sucked into a salvaging ship that is scavenging the area for parts to sell. It’s staffed by shit blokes basically. With Clara trapped inside The Doctor tricks the guys into the TARDIS and makes them help him find Clara. The TARDIS is defending herself and trying to defend Clara and the Doctor creating mazes and rooms that mirror and fold in on themselves. In a shocking twist, the shit blokes basically end up being... well, shit. They told one, who was actually their little brother, that he was an android. I don’t need to further explain. There are burning and charred heat monsters chasing the group around the TARDIS who end up being a bleed through version of the future... ie them. Surprise! Clara’s going to die again! Is this actually Rory’s story? But never fear the Doctor saves the day by improbable means. Everything is fine. Everything. Including the part where he tells Clara about the other versions of her that he has encountered. So much awkward conversation. But it’s okay, it all disappears, no harm done, they can continue to lie to each other and never really form a bond. Hooray!

Things I did like? Well, aside from Clara’s dress; the talk of the internet. Let's have a look at the much loved dress...


I liked the TARDIS rooms and the living metal tree. I thought they were cool and I would have loved to see more of them and learn more about them. I loved these scenes:

I loved the continued rivalry between Clara and the TARDIS; I want to know why the TARDIS hates her. I also love that any time there is a TARDIS episode I still think of her being Idris. I liked the foreshadowing of the season finale in Clara discovering the Doctor’s true name and then him deleting that memory... I didn’t love the deletion part but you know they have to make the story extend to the finale. The thing is I don’t really care what the Doctor’s true name is. Does anyone? He’s still the Doctor. And certainly, if this episode was coming with a long running and well loved companion it might seem to be a little more special than another one of Moffat’s cheap games. I hated The Wedding of River Song. I hated the episode, the plot line and I seriously dislike that character. Let’s hope this isn’t a replication. I also liked the hand holding and the running and the hugging. I think that when they show a little more care for each other it’s all easier to take. I liked the arm punching too! Maybe Clara and the Doctor can be fun siblings!

Next week’s murder mystery looks flat just from the preview unfortunately, but maybe it’ll deliver. I am certainly looking forward to seeing the Doctor in a bowler hat!

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