Monday, April 29, 2013

Kickstart the Week: Dark Dungeons: The Movie

Americans of a certain age/persuasion/belief system may remember seeing those Chick Tracts come through, which were religious comics that decried different supposedly godless activities and ideas and such. One of those comics in particular, Dark Dungeons, was a hyperbolic fairly over the top tract about how Dungeons and Dragons is a gateway to the will of Satan.

And now someone wants to make it a movie.

I have no idea how JR Ralls convinced the Chick people that this should be a movie or that he should do it, and he insists that the low-budget film will be true to the actual comic (as the jokes largely write themselves), but was a truly unexpected film and Kickstarter.

Might be worth a few bucks...

1 comment:

  1. If people don't contribute, it won't get made and there is ZERO guarantee that Jack Chick will ever let someone make a movie on one of his works again.
    This may be your LAST chance to ever see a Jack Chick movie!

    And please note that Chick Publications Inc. has not and will not receive any money from this film.