Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stryder's Favourite Comics - 4/17/2013

It's another week of fold-out covers and random SHOCKING developments in the DC Universe!  Shocking!  Let's take a look!

Justice League #19 - "You don't want to say that.  Super-Villains say that, Diana."

Lots going on this month in Justice League!  We open on Alfred and Red Hood in the Batcave, where their conversation is interrupted by a mysterious masked figure who manages to sneak up and render both men unconscious with absolutely ZERO difficulty.  This mysterious figure then heads right to a secret room in the Batcave...a room with heavy security protocols, which nevertheless lets him pass without question.  In this room he finds 6 briefcases, each with a League members' symbol engraved upon it!  The mysterious figure nabs the "Superman" briefcase and splits...

Meanwhile, Superman and Wonder Woman are in disguise in the war-torn nation of Hahndaq, where they are undoubtedly about to get involved in an international incident...Batman has to head all the way their to lecture them about getting involved in politics...

Oh, we also have the Atom and Firestorm left all alone in the Watchtower as they arrived for orientation but everyone seems to have forgotten about them...

Finally, we get a Shazam! back-up, wherein Billy Batson tries to get out of being a super-hero and Black Adam's origin is revealed!  Good stuff!

Join me for Nightwing, Wonder Woman and more after the JUMP!

Wonder Woman #19 - "There, there.  You're new to politics, I know."

Wonder Woman and friends have a few minutes to catch their breath this issue, as for once everyone is getting along and no one is trying to kidnap or murder anyone.  At least as the book begins...it doesn't take long for the tension between Diana and Orion to reach a breaking point...being a chauvinistic jerk is NOT the best option when dealing with a super-powered Amazonian Princess!

Meanwhile, the First Born of Zeus is getting closer to his ultimate goal of ruling Olympus and replacing his fallen father (not to mention his brother Apollo, currently holding the throne)!  His confrontation with his Uncle Poseidon continues as they try to work out some sort of an arrangement.  The First Born learns that he has some competition from the Last Born and will need him to rule.  The Last Born, of course, is Zola's Baby.  They're thinking of naming him Nigel.  Or Zeke.  Maybe Zeke.  It may be a waste to name him at all, as no one seems to want him living to the age of one aside from Wonder Woman! 

Nightwing #19 - "Now, I'm in Chicago with two pennies and a Nightwing suit to my name."

New artist Brett Booth starts this month on a very pretty issue of Nightwing!  Dick Grayson hopped on his motorcycle last issue and this month starts his quest in Chicago to find Tony Zucco, the man who murdered his parents and the man who, until very recently, everyone thought was dead!  The big problem?  Chicago has a history with "masks" and now is VERY super-hero unfriendly.  Nightwing can barely move without some SWAT team type armoured officer with a high powered rifle shooting at him from a helicopter or something.  It's pretty frustrating after the co-operation he had back in Gotham...

Overall this is a good "new start" type of issue!  The artwork is great and really suits a character like Nightwing, who's agility is so key to his identity.  We meet a few supporting characters right off the bat, friends and foes, including the very intriguing Prankster shown on the cover (although she mainly appears without a costume within).  She talks to herself and generally amused me a quite a bit.  Although maybe I just have a thing for crazy girls.  Hmmmm.  Uh...anyway, yeah!  Great issue of Nightwing can't wait to see what happens next!

Supergirl #19 - "Do you speak much English?  Because my Kryptonian's is a little rusty..."

Supergirl is more or less DEAD due to the Kryptonite poisoning she foolishly didn't allow herself time to recover from last issue.  In her resulting comatose state, she was easily captured by a bunch of silly humans!  They've stuffed her in a glass coffin-like structure and are taking her away for study, when Power Girl arrives!!  Supergirl's Earth-2 counterpart is also suffering Kryptonite poisoning in sympathy with Kara!  It's brought her out to investigate...and hopefully to solve this issue for them both!  Of course, there's always that danger of reality unraveling if the two of them interact or whatever...

Oh a big purple muscle-bound dude called Appex also comes around to attack the girls Power and Super...he was sent by Lex Luthor to test their capabilities, as the world's greatest criminal
mastermind continues to scheme.  Hey, what else would we expect?

Those complaining about Power Girl's costume in the New 52 should be pleased...this issue she receives a "new" costume that looks a lot like the one she wore PRE-New 52!  Since you demanded it, the "boob window" is back!

Red Hood and the Outlaws #19 - "My butler would kick your ass all the way back to Gotham City."

Perhaps in an effort to atone for featuring nothing but Red Hood's story for the last few issues, this month we primarily follow "and the Outlaws"!  Ironically, however, it's still all about Jason, as Arsenal and Starfire are on a search for the Red Hood, who has ditched them and returned to the place he received his post-death training.  This is a mystical place somewhere in the Himalayas known as the Acres of All, home to the All-Caste!  As the fold-out cover implies, Jason has returned to the All-Caste to have his memory erased, in an effort to run away from his recent confrontation with the Joker and the revelation that the Clown Prince may have been author of almost the entirety of Jason's young life!  Heavy.  Of course his friends want to stop him from having his mind essentially erased, but will they be in time??

This wasn't a bad issue and was a big relief to me, personally, as I thought Jason might be horribly disfigured by the Joker's final trap.  Instead he's just horribly EMOTIONALLY scarred.  Hey, who isn't?  Incidentally, I wasn't worried for nothing!  Before the powers that be decided to go in a different direction, take a look at what this month's cover was GOING to be!

As cool as that looks, I'm glad they backed off of the idea.  Poor Jason's suffered enough at the Joker's hands...

Anyway that's it for me this week...don't forget to visit your Local Comic Book Store tomorrow for New Comic Book day!!  I'm psyched for new issues of Batman, Incorporated as well as Superman, Teen Titans, The Flash and more!

Speaking of SUPERMAN...I express my love for the iconic Man of Steel this week over at Styder's Dementia!  April 18th was the Last Son of Krypton's 75th anniversary!  Here's to another 75!

Have a great week everyone!  April may be the cruelest month, but at least it's not the longest! Peace!

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