Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Morning Catch-up

It's amazing how much the real world can get in the way of one's blogging responsibilities. I've had a lot of little things to share that, at this point, might just be easier to bring about in one big post. Some of the videos may not be 100% safe for workplace consumption, so you've been warned...


The video at the top of the post and the video here are part of a new series that are coming about that make me giggle a bit too much. There's a reason we suspend disbelief when we watch movies or read comics, and, well, this is why. Spiders and turtles and rats are gross, man.


Titan Books has produced a pretty extensive biography of the British cult cinema actor Peter Cushing. I have no real context for him, being an American unfamiliar with older British films, but his impact is made clear in the first few pages of the book, and A Life in Film does a great job of detailing his life and his influence.

If I have one complaint, it's that the book may not be all that accessible to a general audience, as it has a more textbooky feel to its presentation. With that said, the actor himself may only really be someone who people are significantly interested in from an academic standpoint outside of the United Kingdom, so...

Either way, it's an interesting book chock full of information for the film buff. Written by David Miller, you can find out more over at Titan.


My favorite Twitter account currently is the aptly named Carrot Facts, which shares such crucial information as "[Y]ou can tuck a carrot into bed, but it won't know what you are doing because he's a carrot," and "if you want a kentucky derby horse to run fast then tape a huge carrot to its head." I mean, they're not wrong...


Finally, Twisted Sifter posted thirty bootleg movie posters out of Ghana that are pretty impressive on their own, while still being pretty funny. It's great to see what cinema makes it to Africa, and even better to see what they do with limited resources in that regard.

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