Thursday, June 27, 2013

Supanova 2013 Cosplay Preview

After 12 months I've only just realised that Halo guy is wearing Fox Racing gloves
Without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite part of any convention is the cosplay. Sure, 70% of the characters are anime and I have no idea who they are, but it doesn't mean they don't totally kick ASS. It's so great wandering around the convention floor and seeing a Batman walking alongside an Effie Trinket, dodging a Minecraft Creeper. The beauty is that anyone can participate no matter their budget, and their costumes actively CONTRIBUTE to the enjoyment of the event. In short, cosplay rocks. Join me under the cut for a few of my favourite snaps from the last four years of Supanova, in preparation for the big weekend ahead.

If you want to check out the best cosplayers in one convenient location, the cosplay comps are being held each day at 4pm in the Cosplay Theatre. The best of the best will also be on show on Saturday at 12.40 for the Madman National Cosplay Championship, again in the Cosplay Theatre.

We will be wandering around with cameras in hand all weekend, so be sure to check back here all next week to see if we snapped you or your favourite cosplayer!

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