Monday, June 24, 2013

Supanova Preamble - Preview: Supastar Guests of Television and Film

This weekend Supanova, Perth’s premiere pop-culture convention, touches down and promises to be packed with entertainment. As with previous years there is plenty to see and do for the whole weekend from visiting stalls and buying loot to meeting some of your favourite celebrities.

This year Fruitless Pursuits will be covering many aspects of the convention including Cosplay, Celebrity Panels, Stalls and Comic Artists.

Stay tuned this week for more information about what we will be covering and for all the convention highlights and stories in the week to come.

For now, follow me under the jump where I talk about the Supanova Supastar Guests from the Television and Film world that I’ll be checking out this weekend.

For me, Supanova means that I get to go to a lot of panels for various film and television personalities and learn a little more about the roles they’ve played and sometimes a little more about them as people.

This year I am really excited about the Merlin Knights coming to visit. As you may recall I really love Merlin and getting to see Bradley James, Tom Hopper, Eoin Macken and Rupert Young will be a lot of fun especially because I might get to take my little cousin to her first convention as a result. If you want to read about Merlin check out my post here: Merlin Secrets Revealed

I am also crazy excited about Alan Tudyk of Firefly and Whedon fame. Alan is by far one of the people I have most wanted to see live. His turn at the helm of Serenity as Wash was wonderful, funny and tragic. I also thought he was amazing in Dollhouse and one of the things that kept me going into season two of the show. Recently he’s been in the comedy Suburgatory which is a far cry from his sci-fi stints. I cannot contain my excitement.

I was devastated to here that Aiden Turner from Being Human will not longer be able to make it to Perth due to a conflict in scheduling for filming of the next Hobbit film. Yes, Aiden plays one of the dwarves in the Hobbit films but I love him most for his time as Mitchell in the UK Being Human series. He and the other Dwarves made an appearance last weekend at Supanova’s Sydney run and I believe that their panel will be played in Perth on the old DVD so we don’t totally miss out.

One of the Lord of the Rings alumni that IS coming to Perth is Karl Urban who is a fantastic entertainer and since his last visit to Perth can add Judge Dredd and Star Trek to his film credits so it’s going to be interesting to see what he talks about in his panel discussions.

The Phelps twins are coming to Perth as well... and there is a part of me that is really excited about this. I have no idea whether they will be as entertaining when they are not Fred and George Weasley of the Harry Potter franchise but I am sure it will mean many kids and adults alike in full Hogwarts get up who are over excited. I like when lots of different people can get into a convention.

Kai Owen and Eve Myles are making an appearance for their roles in Torchwood. I am not sure how to feel about this. To give you the background Torchwood was an adult spin off of Doctor Who following the adventures of Captain Jack Harkness from the Ninth Doctor’s run through the Tenth Doctor’s run. It’s darker and a lot less aimed at children. The first season was shockingly terrible. Like, really the worst thing ever and then season two was magnificent. The series of specials called Children of Earth that followed were exceptionally good. They then went to America and did another series and I was warned off it so heavily that I have not seen it. I really don’t want to ruin my Torchwood experience. Needless to say I will be interested in what these actors are asked in their panels and I hope they are entertaining.

I hear that The Hoff and Carrie Fisher (who is Princess Leia no less!!!) are coming to Perth as well. I imagine I will have far too many other things on to check these guys out but I know that fellow contributor Luke Milton is super keen to see Carrie Fisher and will hopefully bring you all her coverage. Carrie is an icon of pop-culture and it’s amazing that she’s coming out here.

I’m already starting to feel slightly stressed that I won’t get to see everything so I’d better get set on planning my day!


  1. I am totally jonesing for the weasley twins. I get "british lad" vibes off them. I hope they finish each others sentences.

    1. I really hope they do. Getting into their panel will be some kind of nightmare though I imagine...