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DC Comics New 52 - Stryder's Weekly Top 5

Oh noes!  Due to some scheduling conflicts with Simcoe Day here in Toronto, I'm horribly a day late!  Fortunately, I've still got a dollar handy, thus proving that the old saying is meaningless here in the 21st century.

ANYway...These five comics are pulled from the ones released on July 31, 2013.  Enjoy!

Batman Incorporated #13 - "...Here we all are, at the Grand Finale."

The epic Batman story that Grant Morrison began way back in 2006 is finally finished!  As the solicitation for this issue promised, "Batman saves the world and loses everything."

I'm not going to say much more about it than that.  If you've been reading Grant's Batman for the last 7 years (or caught up with it via trades like I have in the last couple of years) then there's no way you're NOT going to buy this issue.  I read it and came away satisfied...the story tied up what I wanted tied up and worked really well for me on several levels.  If anything my only complaint is that it's not enough!  Of course, I would happily continue reading Grant's Batman for another 7 years...

Anyway, great issue and amazing run!  Grant's whole run beginning with Batman and Son until now has become my favourite Batman story ever and made me really think deeply about the whole IDEA of Batman and Robin in ways that never ever would even have occurred to me otherwise.  It's really bittersweet to see it end.  SUCH great work!  The thinking man's Bat...Thanks to Grant Morrison, artist Chris Burnham and everyone who worked on the's been awesome!  Although I'm still mad that you killed Damian...

Join me after the JUMP to see what else DC had in store for us!

The Flash Annual #2 - "Trust me--it only gets weirder."

For the Flash's second Annual we are treated to not one but TWO neat stories about our favourite Scarlet Speedster!  The first story shows us the initial meeting between Flash and Green Lantern Hal Jordan, and explores the consequences of their first adventure together in the modern day!  Not only is it the fist time that Barry meets Hal, it's also his first steps into the bigger universe of super-powered space aliens and crime on an intergalactic level! 

Story number two is much more grounded - it more or less features a day in the life of the Flash...running around the Gem Cities writing wrongs and being the nice guy that he is.  I really enjoyed this one as it highlights the real reason I love the Flash in the first place - because out of everyone in the DCU he's the one who cares the most about people and wants the best for all!  Barry Allen...the dude's got HEART!  Fun comic!

Superman Annual #2 - "My name is Lois Lane.  I've just been murdered."

Told from the point-of-view of Lois Lane, the second Superman Annual tells of her investigation of the mysterious "Twenty"...the people who disappeared after Brainiac visited Metropolis five years ago!  We know from the Superman ongoing that at least one or two of these Twenty have resurfaced with psionic abilities, but the mystery of how and why has yet to be solved!  Who better to solve it than Lois?  If she can survive the investigation...

It's nice to finally have a Lois-centered story, particularly one this long and good!  Everyone's favourite intrepid reporter has been pushed off to the side in the New 52 quite frequently, with Clark dating Wonder Woman and leaving the Daily Planet to run with Cat Grant.  This story looks to not only bring Lois back into the spotlight but may just change the status quo of the character...permanently!

Oh also in the issue - part 4 of the "World of Krypton" story!  Parts 1-3 ran in Action Comics #20-22...telling the story of how Kal-El's parents first met, essentially.  Obviously there's a lot more going on than's pretty cool although I find it strange that they published it here...

Pandora #2 - "I am Vandal Savage, peon.  You would tremble to know my thoughts."

As the "Trinity War" continues, heroes and villains both are searching for Pandora and her inexplicable magic heal Superman, to possess the power for themselves or simply out of fear of what she may do next!  Meanwhile, Pandora herself, having been unsuccessful in her attempt to have Superman open her box, is now looking in the opposite direction.  She was told only the "purest of heart or the darkest can open the box"...thus she searches out immortal villain Vandal Savage

Considering he's working with the Secret Society of Villains and they're all searching for Pandora, it's not too hard for the two to find one another...however it's always a spectacle when immortals collide!
I am enjoying this's nice to have some characterization to this enigmatic cloaked woman who has been haunting the New 52 since the beginning!  Interesting issue!

Detective Comics Annual #2 - "As to who, or what, I'm up against--that's the question."

The second Detective Comics Annual contains three inter-connected stories involving a series of mysterious murders and robberies that the Batman, of course, has to solve - with some help from the G.C.P.D. and in particular, Lt. Harvey Bullock!  The whole thing plays as a mystery with the reader investigating right alongside the Dark Knight, trying to figure out who, what and where the villain might be!  The story also gives us a great chance for some character growth on the part of the Bat and his police allies.  It's the most characterization old Harvey's gotten in the New 52 so far!   

I'm really impressed with this book, which does just what an Annual gives us an entertaining self-contained story which stops to examine character and motive in a far more in-depth way than the monthly series generally has space for.  It also connects to the ongoing story of the "Anti-Bat", cop-killer Wrath and his plans for Gotham!  Really well written and some great art too!  Excellent!

And that's my top 5!  Damn I'm gonna miss Batman Incorporated.  They do have a "Special #1" coming out later this month, but it's not the same...

Check out the alternate cover for the final issue, drawn by Grant Morrison himself!


I'd be remiss if I failed to point out that TODAY is New Comic Book day...I already visited my LCS and picked up the new Action Comics, Green Arrow, Detective Comics, Phantom Stranger and more!!

Oh stop by Stryder's Dementia if you'd like...this week I struggle with my seeming inability to get out of my own head...

Alright boys and girls that's all the time I got...have a good one!  Peace and love and puppy dog's tales!

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