Friday, August 9, 2013

Big Brother Power Rankings: DOUBLE EVICTION MADNESS

Double eviction week on Big Brother is always exciting, and this week's was no different. We got a surprise HOH win, an epic blindside, and the power shifts in the house are pretty significant right now. There's a lot to get into right now, so let's just jump in. By the way, there are spoilers for this week's Head of Household, so if you're waiting until the Sunday show to find out, bookmark and come back later.

So, a quick recap:

* Candace was put on the block again as the target by this week's HOH winner, GinaMarie. She got into a fight with Amanda during a competition, and even though Amanda was in the wrong, it probably sealed her fate permanently right there. Plus, she had to wear a costume, and the person in the costume always goes home. It's like a rule.

Also, this happened:

(Candace was adopted. GinaMarie does live with her folks. Wow.)

* The House learned that the MVP twist of three nominations is done this week. Amanda is relieved.

* We immediately dive in, Candace is evicted, and our friendly neighborhood racist Aaryn wins the evening's HOH while apparently trying to throw the competition. Not her plan at all, but such is the life of the double eviction. It appears that she's looking to play it safe by nominating Spencer (again) and Jessie (again).

* This is when it gets wild: we get a power of veto, Aaryn wins it, we go to commercial. We come back, and the veto ceremony occurs, and Aaryn pulls down Jessie and puts up Judd, claiming he's been playing the house. He's shell-shocked, pleading with people up until the vote, where he's evicted unanimously by all the tearful houseguests. No one is happy about this, but everyone votes him out. Why? Looking back at the live feed recaps (and I suspect this will be played on Sunday), it appears a few people thought he was playing them, but most houseguests were convinced he was the MVP trying to oust Amanda, who he was in a shaky alliance with. Combine that with his multiple side deals, and they apparently decided they had no choice. An absolute shocker.

* So the Houseguests also learned that they'd all be entering the Jury House at this point, so this means that we might see some people returning. Judd is a possibility on this. Who knows at this point. Everything is crazy.

* Finally, they held an HOH competition for the current week, and Andy finally won something! Expect the House to play this one safe at this point, as Jessie is really the only person unaligned with Spencer making a lot of friends lately by being the weekly pawn.

So onto the power rankings!

Helen appears to have been the mastermind behind getting Judd out, she was the chief architect of getting Candace out, she has Aaryn wrapped around her finger (which means she has GinaMarie wrapped around her finger). A better power move by the House would be to try to oust her during a double eviction when they had a shot, and they may have lost their best opening to do so. Helen has to be the favorite to win this thing right now.

McCrae, in terms of game position, is in a great spot. No one is going to nominate him with Amanda in front of him, and no one's really afraid of him, either. He was crucial in swinging the house against Judd, and he remains a solid player socially.

America's prettiest racist Aaryn is building a huge game case for herself right now. Aaryn has three HOH wins, a veto win, and put the knife in Judd's back. That she wasn't in on the planning of the blindside (as far as we can tell) and yet was able to go through with it and risk that much blood on her hands is worthy of respect. I don't want to like her

Andy won something, finally, so he can start building a case for himself. With Judd out, there's no one playing anything close to as good a social game as Andy is right now, and seeing as this looks, on the surface, to be a quiet HOH week, he doesn't have to worry about coming out of it in trouble. Not too bad, Andy.

Amanda, logically, is still safe. She takes the heat for her alliance, the MVP twist is done so she won't be on the block for a while, and she's probably second only to Helen in terms of overall scheming. There's a lot to be said about her game currently.

Spencer is someone who's really done a solid job in finding his place in the house and making meaningful relationships when it matters. He's gone up as the pawn numerous times to help get other players out, and he's in very close with Andy (which means he's in close with the power threesome/foursome), close with GinaMarie (meaning he and Aaryn are good) and, by extension, Helen. Spencer should get through this week unscathed, and then, when the large groups have to break apart, he could make some interesting moves. I can't imagine this was his plan going in, but...

Elissa is basically invisible in the house. This works to her advantage for now, but wow, has her importance in this game disappeared once the MVP stopped going to her every week or what? I still don't know what to make of her.

GinaMarie is killing me. That episode in the video above is the GinaMarie experience in a nutshell, and her power lies solely with other people at this point. In a house-reset situation, I can imagine her being shed first.

Jessie is going home this week unless she wins the veto. She's the target and everyone is on board. Poor Jessie.

For those keeping up with this, I will have it late on the weekend next weekend, probably Sunday but maybe Saturday, as I am traveling. Should be a fun week in the Big Brother House!

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