Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Readthrough! The Dresden Files!

Many of you may remember the Wheel of Time readthrough we did through much of last year. Another series I've been told I'd love is The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, an urban fantasy series held in very high regard. There are, as of this December, fifteen published titles plus a short story omnibus. My plan is to finish one of them a month and do a discussion post sometime in the first full week of the month (so, for example, Storm Front will be discussed sometime the week of 1 September). We'll go in publication order, etc etc.

If there are topics I should be aware of, or issues to discuss and look out for, I'm more than game. I've been hearing non-stop raves about this series for years now, so I'm looking forward to diving in, and I'm hoping others will, too.

Should be exciting!