Thursday, September 19, 2013

Big Brother Power Rankings: Finale Recap

The finale of Big Brother was last night, and, given the final three, there weren't really any surprises.

The final three of GinaMarie, Spencer, and Andy made for some interesting scenarios. It appeared both GinaMarie and Andy were afraid to bring Spencer, who played a good social game and was on the block a record 8 times with no evictions. GinaMarie, however, might have still been leaning on Spencer, while Andy was being his typical cagey self.

GinaMarie won the endurance leg of the final three-part Head of Household, a type of competition she had traditionally done well on. The three houseguests were tugged along on roller skates while various obstacles were thrown their way. The second HOH competition was a wall-climbing one that Andy won over Spencer, was a little more complicated, but Spencer was ultimately pushed out of the competition based on some bad luck regarding the type of competitions that there were. The final competition was a "predict what the Houseguests thought" that went the full eight rounds but resulted in a win by Andy, giving him the Head of Household.

What was stunning at this point was Andy taking GinaMarie to the final. It appears he was playing an extremely long con where he made a promise with GinaMarie (and perhaps a few others, one would assume) in the early stages to take her to the final two if the opportunity arose. It solidified his ability to keep a promise from the start given the amount of backstabbing he did, and really helped him out.

The jury came across as somewhat angry and bitter, but Andy ended up winning 7-2, with Aaryn (who was aligned with GinaMarie from the start) and Judd (for reasons unknown and unexplained, although GinaMarie did promise sexual favors) voting against Andy. Andy ends up as the first openly gay winner, as a competitor that was only on the block once and never as the target, and who played one of the game's truly great social games.

So if we had to do a final power ranking?:

Andy was able to parlay his exceptional gameplay into a strong argument in favor of his victory. His final speeches and Q&A session in particular probably won him a vote or two alone. Andy really deserved to win after showing how well he played all sides of the House.

GinaMarie was abrasive enough where I don't think she could have won against either Spencer or Andy. With that said, for someone who wasn't so hot on the mental competitions and was basically alone for so much of the game, her getting this far is a testament to her game.

Spencer really didn't have a shot at this at the end of the day, unfortunately. If GinaMarie won, it would have been hard for her to take Spencer and win. Spencer lots just as much due to the types of competitions in the final HOH as anything else, so, truly, Spencer's luck ran out.

It's always a little sad when Big Brother ends, especially since it doesn't come back for nine months. Hopefully we can do this again next year!

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