Monday, September 16, 2013

SNAFU: A Realtime Cooperative Party Game with a Twist!

At Gen Con 2013 I had the chance to play SNAFU, Frank Alberts' fast-paced, 60-second, realtime card-trading party game with a twist… each player has a role card that prevents them from easily trading cards.

We had a lot of laughs during the game as we were trying to trade cards using our T-Rex arms, robot voices, and slow motion effects.

Since then two big things have happened.

1) We played a bunch more. Depending on the group, sometimes we would struggle and yell at the timer as it ran out. Some of the roles are just downright HARD.

The one I have the most trouble with is The Rambler: You won't stop telling some random story for the entire round. For those of us that cannot do two drastically different things at one time, this one just shuts us down. Luckily, players get two cards and choose one, but we like to go for the harder ones. We've even played a variant where you have to choose for the player to the right of you, making their role as difficult as possible for them. It's counter productive as you'll need their assistance, but it's just as much fun watching them squirm through a round. It's only 60 seconds after all.

2) The game became available on Kickstarter and fully funded in its first few days.

There are some great stretch goals lined up and I'd love to see them. An iOS/Android timer is simple but could fit in with the look and feel of the game. But I really want to see the two exclusive role cards at and the "Getting Physical" expansion at $10,000. The game is just about to break $4,000 with 20 days to go, so it's very possible. 


Snafu is a game that is geared to those who don't mind acting things out, in very small doses. 5 rounds will take you less than 10 minutes (with shuffling and resetting the deck). It's small enough, short enough, and cheap enough to keep in your bag for that free minute where you want to play something quick and social. And that scenario has come up a lot since I've gotten the game. 

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