Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DC Comics New 52 - Stryder's Weekly Top 5

It's Week 3 of "Villain's Month" in the DCU!  Once again it was a tough job choosing just 5 titles to highlight for the week, but choose I did!  These comics were all released on September 18, 2013.  Let's take a look:

Lex Luthor #1 - "It's time to stop being selfish.  The World needs Lex Luthor."

Action Comics #23.3 brings us a great Lex Luthor story that also serves as a direct prequel to Forever Evil #1!  We join Superman's greatest foe just as he's being released from prison, having apparently served his time (or at least enough that his lawyers managed a deal)!  Now that Lex is back, he's ready to once more challenge the Man of Steel for supremacy!  Only one problem...the Man of Steel isn't available presently!  Where could he be??

I really liked this comic mainly because it just got into Lex's head extremely well...showing how he thinks, how "in charge" he is and just how complex his plans can be.  Despite his horrible cruelty and ruthlessness, one simply has to admire Lex Luthor's intelligence and drive.  Preferably from far, far away.  People that stay close to Lex seem to have a significantly reduced average lifespan....

So, yeah!  Great comic!

What other fiends have crawled from the murky depths to haunt our comic books this week?  Find out after the JUMP!

The Rogues #1 - "The Rogues take care of one another...No matter what!"

In The Flash #23.3 we get another great prequel/tie-in to Forever Evil #1.  In this one issue, we are presented with everything that is needed to understand the Rogues, their methods and motivations, and to figure out how they got from their last appearance in The Flash to their current state in Forever Evil! As a matter of fact, some bits I thought were continuity errors in Forever Evil actually make a lot of sense once you've read this issue.  Not only that, but we get a pretty clear idea of what the future is likely to hold for the Gem Cities most notorious gang of crooks! 

I love the Rogues...it's nice to have some cool, competent villains in the DCU who aren't maniacally trying to slaughter everyone and everything in sight!  If these guys lived in Gotham City they'd practically be considered good guys!  Hey, if Catwoman can join the JLA....

Anyway, great comic and I'm happy to see that it's going to lead into it's own Rogues mini-series!  Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #1 coming soon!

Penguin #1 - "Hmn.  I haven't killed anyone myself in over three years."

The Penguin waddles his way into Batman #23.3 to demonstrate why he's still the top bird in Gotham City, despite his setbacks earlier this year (his top lieutenant took over his criminal empire briefly in the pages of Detective Comics).  It seems poor old Oswald just has to prove himself over and over.  You would think that the lesser scum of Gotham would have learned by now not to underestimate the Caped Crusader's Avian Adversary!  Alas, foolish people will always associate appearance with ability.  That's a really terrible mistake to make when dealing with this FOWL fiend (WAH WAH WAH)!

Cool story, great artwork and one more reason to take the Penguin seriously!  What's not to like?

Arcane #1 - "This is Anton Arcane's particular hell.  Where nothing rots and nothing changes.  All is perfect.  Pristine.  Forever."

Swamp Thing #23.1 brings us an intriguing story of the (now-former) Avatar of the Rot, Anton Arcane, as he suffers in a lovely peaceful valley full of things that will never die or decay!  Arcane's niece, Abigail (love interest to Swamp Thing and current Avatar of the Rot) seeks out her uncle in his private hell to question him.  She knows he's no good, but he's the only one who can teach her about a topic near and dear to her heart....Abby wants to know more about her mother!  Thus, we learn more about the Arcane family and their horrible history...although Abby may learn only that she shouldn't ask questions that she doesn't really want to know the answers to...

I admit I haven't been keeping up with New 52 Swamp Thing...I read the first TPB that was relelased and keep meaning to continue, but there's just SOOOO many comics.  This issue, however, has made it clear that I NEED to be reading more Swamp Thing!  Creepy and cool as heck!

Cheetah #1 - "Oh goddess of the hunt, I dedicate this hunt, this kill, to thee."

Barbara Minerva, aka the Cheetah, is on the prowl here in Wonder Woman #23.1!  With Wonder Woman (and the rest of the Justice League) missing, it falls to U.S. Marshal Mark Shaw to somehow try and track down the supernatural killer.  His investigation takes us to a"religious school" where Cheetah was raised by her Aunt Lyta, headmistress and obvious crazy person.  The school is a weird crazy cult worshiping "the Amazon way" and the "goddess of the hunt". 

Anyway, in the process of Marshal Shaw's investigation, we learn some back story on Cheetah that really fleshes out the character!  She was obviously loony-tunes long before that fateful day when she first cut herself with the so called "god-slayer knife" and gained the powers of a goddess. And of course hunting the huntress is always a risky proposition...lest we forget, last time Cheetah was free it took most of the Justice League to cage her!  How is a lone U.S. Marshal supposed to compete with that??

So that's it for week 3!  One more week of "Villain's Month" before we're back to our regularly scheduled comics.  It's a pretty big week, too!  Tomorrow's New Comic Book day will bring us titles featuring Bane, Metallo, Ocean Master, Black Adam, Sinestro, The Joker's Daughter (?!?) and MORE!

In the meantime, since last week's short story was a huge success, I thought I'd write another over at Stryder's Dementia!  This time I ditched "Horror-Story" and tried my hand at "Fairy Tale".  Check it out if you've got a moment.

Guess that's all I got to say for another week...Have a good one!  Peace!

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