Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DC Comics New 52 - Stryder's Weekly Top 5

Hey folks, time to look at the final week of Villain's Month!  I think they were saving the best for last, as it was hard to pick just five this week!  Not to worry though, I narrowed it down...

All these comics were released on September 25, 2013.  Let's take a look, shall we?

Secret Society #1 - "We come from a different place.  A place where the sun sets in the East and the poles are littered with the frozen bodies of people seeking refuge."

Justice League #23.4 brings us the story of the Secret Society, which is really the story of one diabolical man and his dedication to an evil master.  That man?  The Outsider aka Alfred Pennyworth!  Ok, ok, The Outsider is actually the Alfred Pennyworth of Earth 3...a place where everything is backwards and everyone is evil (aside from the "villains", who are um...ambiguous...).

This comic expands on the story of how Earth 3 Alfred (along with Earth 3's version of Captain Atom aka Atomica) arrived on OUR Earth by showing us the events leading up to their trip!  It's our first real glimpse of Earth 3 society, and makes quite an interesting contrast to the regular DCU.  Obviously this comic ties heavily into Forever Evil.  It's really interesting to finally get a glimpse into the mind of Evil Alfred...he's been the cause of many problems for the various Justice Leagues, acting from the shadows, so it's great to finally see him step into the spotlight! 

Four more foul and frantic fiends follow!  After the JUMP!

Black Adam #1 - "Ibac's forces seemed unstoppable...until Kahndaq's saviour and champion appeared!"

In Justice League of America #7.4 we are treated to the origin of Black Adam!  This origin is a quite different from the story we were told before (by the wizard who gave Adam and Shazam their powers) as it is told to us by a young Kahndaqian "freedom fighter" named Amon.  Amon is trying to explain to his sister, Adrianna, why he has joined the "Sons of Adam" to fight Kahndaq's tyrannical government.  From Amon's point of view, Black Adam was no villain...rather he was a great hero and liberator of his people! 

Actually, the whole comic paints Black Adam in a very sympathetic light...he's hardly a one-dimensional "villain" here!  Although his methods are harsh, Black Adam's goals (and his results) are practically heroic.  Which is good, because the "Sons of Adam" believe not only that Black Adam is the champion they need to set their country right, but also that he can be resurrected!

Ocean Master #1 - "The judgment of the surface world means nothing to me--almost as little as the lives of you surface dwellers."

 Ocean Master takes center stage in Aquaman #23.2, using the chaos of the Crime Syndicate's arrival to escape from Belle Reve prison and attempt to return to the sea and ultimately his underwater kingdom of Atlantis!  On his way, he encounters various "surface dwellers".  Sadly, few of them give Orm any reason to think more highly of humanity...

Having the chance to see "our" world through Ocean Master's eyes, and to walk a mile (actually literally several miles) in his shoes, we can start to relate somewhat with his point of view.  Once again, here we have a villain who isn't really particularly "evil"!  Instead, he's trying to do what's right for his country and kin...it just so happens that what's right for Atlantis isn't necessarily what's right for the planet as a whole! 

Metallo #1 - "I've been here more than two months.  Long enough to drive a man insane.  But it only makes me more focused..."

If you've been wondering whats happened to Sgt John "Metal-Zero" Corben since his last battle with Superman, you need look no further than Action Comics #23.4!  In a great follow-up to Corben's origin story, we see the consequences of his actions in the past, and learn what his future holds as well!  General Sam Lane made one big mistake when he strapped this maniac into the suit of power armour that burst his heart.  Now the general is making a second mistake, by replacing that demolished organ with, you guessed it, KRYPTONITE!  This comic relates to us the fascinating transformation of Sgt. Corben to Metal-Zero and ultimately, his final, sinister identity as METALLO!

Killer Croc #1 - "Atavism.  That's the ten-dollar word for when somethin' takes on the traits of an ancestral type."

Within the murky pages of Batman and Robin #23.4 lurks the best Killer Croc story I've read in years!  Through a series of flashbacks set between current events we learn a lot about poor old scaly Waylon Jones and his life both above-ground and living underneath Gotham City.  As seems to be the theme this week, here is another villain who is, in many ways, heroic!  Or at least sympathetic.  If you forget that he's a giant lizard man who also eats people.  Which is hard to do when you're standing in the same room, I imagine. 

Anyway, great book with some of the best artwork and characterization for a villain that I've seen all month!  Suddenly for the first time ever I'm a Killer Croc fan!  Oh also I loved that one of the flashbacks included a nice Jason Todd as Robin cameo!  Sweet!  Wonder if that'll tie into Red Hood and the Outlaws sometime down the road, since Croc is also Arsenal's AA sponsor?  We can only hope!

ANNNND that's it for Villain's Month!  It's been a fun month...now to figure out what to do with 52 3D motion covers?  Maybe I'll make a mural or something...

Tomorrow's New Comic Book Day brings us back to our regularly scheduled titles in the DCU!  We can look forward to new issues of Action Comics, Green Lantern, Detective Comics, Earth 2, Green Arrow and more!  Oh and mustn't forget the ongoing miniseries FOREVER EVIL #2!  I love New Comic Book day!

No short story this week, I just rambled on about my days off in this week's Stryder's Dementia.  Take a look...

That's all I got this week!  Happy October!  NHL 2013/14 SEASON STARTS TONIGHT!!!   GO LEAFS GO!!!  (That's how you know I'm Canadian).  Peace!

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