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DC Comics New 52 - Stryder's Weekly Top 5

Hey Folks!  So, I suck.  Last week I had the audacity to go on vacation and only discuss TWO comics and THIS week, I'm a day LATE!  Sheesh!  Oh well, better late than never, I always say (whenever I'm late).  Um.  These comics were released on October 16th, 2013:

Justice League of America #8 - "Do you remember what happened?  Can you hear me?  Are you there?"

In the aftermath of the Trinity War, this "Forever Evil" tie-in begins to investigate just what happened to all of our heroes when the Crime Syndicate arrived on our Earth!  Martian Manhunter and Stargirl regain consciousness in a peaceful green field...except things are clearly not what they seem!  Upon investigation, it appears that they are trapped in some sort of super-prison, possibly of the mind? 

Well, we don't know for sure, but we DO know that at least some of the heroes that make up the multiple Justice Leagues are trapped in this strange prison, a place that seems able to tap into a person's greatest emotional weaknesses and use those weaknesses to trap them!  Can the Martian and his unlikely partner find the answer?  Wait and see! 

Of course it's not ALL "Forever Evil" this week!  Join me for my other picks after the JUMP!

Batman/Superman #4 - "Oh man.  We're teaming up now, aren't we?"

The finale of the first story arc in this book arrives with several massive explosions!  Our Batman and Superman are stuck on Earth-2 at the whim of trickster goddess Kaiyo!  They've met their respective doubles, and have been threatened with an anti-Superman beam cannon powered by a giant magical crystal!  They've met Wonder Woman riding a Pegasus!  They've been extermely entertained by the banter between Lois Lane and Catwoman!  Oh wait, that last one was me...

Anyway it's been a great ride, not so much due to the plot but because the characters and their various interactions have been superb!  I really have to hand it to writer Greg Pak...he's managed to have two Batmen and two Supermen on one page and give everyone both a distinct personality and viewpoint!  That's incredibly difficult!  Add to that the surreal awesomeness that is a Jae Lee comic book page and I'm a happy, happy superhero fan! 

NEW! Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #1 - "I knew this would mean bad things for square society...but I never thought the Rogues would come home to this..." 

It's no secret that I am a big fan of both the Flash and his premiere nemeses, the Rogues.  Thus when I heard about this mini-series I was pretty excited!  Any chance we have to further develop these characters is a great thing, particularly when they are as out-of-their-element as the Rogues are in this comic!  See, although the Rogues are ne'er-do-well thieves and scoundrels, they don't kill and they certainly have no ambition to "rule the World" or any of that crap.  So when the Crime Syndicate take over and try to start bossing them around, no one is impressed!  .

Then they discover that Gorilla Grodd has once again TRASHED the Gem Cities, and that the hospital where Captain Cold's sister (and Rogue member) Lisa "Glider" Snert is in a coma has been placed in danger?  Not happy.  With the Flash unavailble, it's time for Cold, Mirror Master, Heatwave, Weather Wizard and Trickster to step up and save their city!  You know, uh...if they CAN! 

Supergirl #24 - "NO!  I won't let Brainiac have my daughter.  No."

Supergirl is dead!  Sort of...her Kryptonian body has been dematerialized by the I'Noxian Collective and used as raw material to return Cyborg Superman to his original human form!  Of course, Cyborg Superman didn't remember who he was before Brainiac captured him and created his new identity!  Now he knows...he used to be Zor-El, Supergirl's dad!  What are the odds??

Actually, if you read the "Villain's Month" issue featuring Cyborg Superman's creation at the hands of Brainiac, you know that Zor-El's selection was NOT at ALL random...

Anyway, Zor-El is horrified at the mistake he has made and MUST rectify the situation immediately!  The problem is, if he gives Kara Zor-El her body back, then he must once more forget his own identity!  The bigger problem is that Brainiac has arrived at I'noxia and wants both the Cyborg and Supergirl remanded to him!  Oh, and Kara's consciousness is mighty...she has become the ghost in the machine and may be a bigger threat to I'Noxia than even Brainiac!  Yikes!  If there's one thing that Supergirl teaches us, it is that you do NOT want to piss off a Kryptonian teenage girl!

Batman and Two-Face #24 - "Better luck next time..."

Harvey "Two-Face" Dent is finally getting himself a New 52 origin as we begin a new story arc examining his past as well as his future...if he has one!  Our story begins with a crime-boss in hiding returns to Gotham City for a big meeting between family heads.  The various mobsters want to take Gotham back from all the freaks and crazies that've been crawling out of the woodwork.  Who better to start with than the man who has always persecuted them, either as a rival or as District Attorney? 
Of course, Two-Face isn't exactly a push-over.  And then there's Batman.  He may have something to say about the matter...

Cool issue overall with an amazing look at a Two-Face's "morning routine" in the first few pages that's totally worth the price of admission alone!  Patrick Gleason's pencils on old double trouble are amazing!  As always, great book...even if we've yet to get a new permanent cast member to go along with poor Bats...

Well, I ran out of room in my top 5 way before I ran out of comics this week so honourable mention to both Wonder Woman #24 which begins to look into just what Diana's new status as God of War means, and also Green Lantern: New Guardians #24, which continues the excellent but somewhat overshadowed "Light's Out" crossover! 

New Comic Book Day is TODAY!!!  Run to your LCS for new issues of The Flash, Superman, Talon, Justice League, Teen Titans and more!! 

Since I was on vacation last week, Stryder's Dementia is just some pictures without context...images I took throughout the week that I thought were cool.  Take a look!

AND that's it for this week!  See ya next week when I can hopefully stick to a schedule (but maybe not cause I may be selected for Jury Duty).  Fingers crossed!  Peace!!!

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