Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review: Hot Toys '89 Batmobile

I don't know about you but when I think of the Batmobile, I think of the version from the Tim Burton films. It's the Batmobile of my childhood and it's just pure perfection. I love the Tumbler as much as everyone else but nothing can top this classic, classy design.

Well, those toy making geniuses over at Hot Toys have just released their very own '89 Batmobile in the gloriously massive 1/6th scale. Without even thinking of the cost or where the hell I am going to keep it I threw down a pre-order.

Well, this behemoth has finally arrived. Let's have a look..

So my very cool toy guy (and Dave Grohl lookalike) Paul gave me a call the other day. Seems my Batmobile had arrived! Rather than go grab it from his place like usual he asked if I could come directly to the Star Track warehouse at the airport to pick it up. Apparently he had 7 come in for customers but the box was so large he could only get two in the tray of his ute at a time. It quickly dawned on me this thing is going to be a fair bit bigger than the Hot Toys Tumbler I grabbed last year. Just how big was the box? Here's a shot of it in the boot of our Prius (with the back seats down).

Yep. That's pretty darn huge. Lucky it fit in the car to be honest. So I drive home with my precious cargo, struggle to get it inside on my own and begin the unboxing..

Here's box that was under the brown shipping box. Very simple and minimal design. An item this large and amazing doesn't really need anything more elaborate.

The thick layer of foam keeping this bad boy nice and secure. On the right side there you can see a few of the accessories safely nestled inside.

Now this made me squee out loud to myself. The plastic shell encasing the Batmobile is totally the armour Bats uses when he leaves it unattended in the films. Suddenly what was a piece of packaging becomes an actual useful accessory. Nicely done!

Remove the shell and we have one gorgeous, sexy piece of Batmobile underneath.

 It was actually screwed to the base there so I had to dig out a trusty screwdriver and carefully free it. 

I had to take it out the backyard to shoot as the lighting is horrible in my place and it was the only place with enough room. Just look at that gorgeous thing. Suddenly all worries of cost and storage solutions left my head and I was 100% happy with this acquisition. Just how big is it? 22.8cm high, 40.6cm wide and a crazy 99cm long. Yep. That's pretty much a metre of shiny black awesome. It also weighs a good 14+ kilos. Here's a few close up shots of the crazy accurate details on this thing.

I'm pretty much convinced Hot Toys shrunk down an actual Batmobile from the film set and sent it to me. It's perfect in every way and I can't fault it in the least. Look at the jet-style intake and exhaust, those amazing retro bat-fins and the little Bat-symbol on the rims. So damn cool!

So what about accessories? Well first of all was this curious little item.

So what's it for?

It's a handy little Batmagnet! You use it to open the various little functional panels to make use of the accessories. Open this one and we reveal..

The highly questionable machine guns Batman decided to install. For a guy sworn against killing this seems like an odd choice. Let's just tell ourselves it's only packing rubber bullets, eh? Great sculpting and details here as one expects on every Hot Toys weapon. They are slightly articulated as you can aim them a tiny bit.

Continuing the projectiles are the two compartments either side that house these nifty Bat-frisbees. You get 4 for each side, so 8 all up.

It wouldn't be Batman without some manner of grappling hook on there somewhere. You get two of those that plug into the sides.

You also get two of these "shinbreakers". I think the name alone tells you what Bruce uses those for. He was pretty bloodthirsty in the Burton films now that I rethink it.

Of course the cockpit slides open and reveals a dashboard chock full of little buttons and dials. Look at that detail! Perfectly reproduced from the real thing. Shame they aren't functional! Of note is the little schematic to the right that Bruce uses to find the remote device Penguin used to control the Batmobile in Returns. I didn't get a photo but you also get a platform to attach to the bottom. If you remember in the films he could raise and rotate the whole car with it. I think all real cars should have this.

Another awesome accessory? These kick-ass lights!

You actually have to open the boot to turn them on which is super amusing. There's a little room so I keep the grappling hooks in there.

Of course, one doesn't get a huge ass Batmobile and not put Batman in it. Here's some shots of the '89 Deluxe Batman with his sweet, new ride. 

Yep. That there is pure perfection. It's pretty easy to get him in the driver's seat too. The canopy actually can come off completely to give you an extra bit of room. Really, the hardest thing is figuring out where to put the mass of cape. While not necessary, I popped off his boots when putting him in. It just made it all that much easier. 

Oh, and as I'm the crazy sort that would buy not one, but two stupidly gigantic Batmobiles, here's some obligatory shots with the Hot Toys Tumbler for comparison's sake.

As you can see the Tumbler is a lot shorter but wider thanks to those massive rear wheels. The Tumbler doesn't even look like a Batmobile next to the '89. More military hardware than anything (which was entirely the point I suppose). Different Batmobiles for different eras. 

Here's a clip I found on Youtube (credit to the uploader) showing highlights of the '89 Batmobile from both Burton films. Makes a nice comparison to the toy.

Ahh that Burton score.  Just as iconic as the Williams Superman theme in my book!

So there you have it. One huge and awesome collectable. Easily the most impressive piece in my collection and holds a lot of sentimental value. Batman Returns is one of the earliest films I can vividly remember seeing with my family. I think my love for superheroes on film is directly inspired from this experience in my childhood. I've probably watched the Burton Batman films far more than anything else in my life. These two films and Batman The Animated Series are what I think of when I think of Batman. It will always be near and dear.

Oh and where did I end up keeping it?

Fits pretty nicely on top of an IKEA Expedit (thank god!). Much easier to find a spot for than the Tumbler was. Sure it displaced all my lego display but that can all go in a storage tub for the time being at least. Fits in nicely with my Batman Black and White Statues beneath it, the few Batman themed Lego sets I could still fit and my other Hot Toys Batman stuff in the case to the right. Nice little Batman nook there.

I think you can still order them online around the place but the cost will go up by the day like any other Hot Toys product. Also keep in mind the shipping will be massive on this thing too.


  1. Nice review... and, it's gorgeous! Man, I sure hope Hot Toys gives Batman Returns some love.

  2. Until now...I still think that '89 Batmobile version is way awesome than Tumbler.
    Great Presentation Capey ^_^