Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Batman Week: Doods Make Awesome Arkham Asylum Batsuit!

It's one thing to scream, "I'M BATMAN!" hoarsely at your loved ones for a week, but it takes it to a whole new level when you actually lovingly craft your own awesome batsuit to strike fear in the hearts of evil men (and possibly aforementioned love ones). Well, a group, headed by user Batpiriss on The FX Lab forums did just that, creating an amazingly accurate batsuit based on the Arkham Asylum video game. It's astoundingly great work so be sure to go here to check out all of the images and read the story behind it. But to get you there here's a taste!:

Holy crap!

And to see a shot of someone rocking out in it, join me after the jump!

Seriously, if you had a full Batman suit that was as awesome as this, then isn't this the first thing you do in it:

Please Photoshop in a guitar!

Now I don't know how many people were actually behind the construction of this, but it does make me wonder how on earth they're going to share it. Hopefully they will have some sort of roster where each gets a turn to rock the fuck out in it on a weekend. You guys are my new heroes!


  1. damn that costume is AWESOME. That and a comic convention in town will DEF get you laid! I mean, if you're into middle aged overweight guys :D

  2. What I find most interesting is that it implies there is more than one costume. Pictured are a black/gray AND a blue/gray. Both are consistent. I'd bet that something purchasable will come from this.