Monday, October 24, 2011

My New Model Shoot! Burlesque Wonder Woman!

I've done a second photoshoot with wonderful burlesque performer Duchess Silk (who recently modelled for me as Doctor Who). This time it's a homage to Golden Age Wonder Woman comics where, despite being strong enough to lift a tank, she spent a suspicious amount of time tied-up by creepy mortal men. The Duchess bravely took on the role of Amazonian Princess Diana, and I played the creepy mortal. I even had to learn how to hog-tie on the Internet, and trust me, that's not a Google search you want to do.

See more at my photography site. (Be warned that the site is NSFW, but this particular set is not. Well... depending on your work I guess?). Oh, and this counts as part of Batman Week because Batman is Wonder Woman's friend. And he helped her when she turned into a pig. Seriously. Go watch that episode.

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