Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Batman Week: Tell me how to get to Crime Alley.

One of the great things about Batman is how many contradictory interpretations of him there have been over the decades. Even in recent years we've had the Nolan films in the theatres while the Brave and the Bold cartoon is on TV. He can be the hard, grim vigilante or a fun, smiling good guy.
Check out this spot from Sesame Street teaching us all the importance of safely crossing the street:

It kind of touches on one of the themes in the Dark Knight a bit. First you're crossing roads away from the lights, next you're tapping into the phones of everyone in Gotham City.
Here's another one and see if you can figure out what the lesson is before the end of it.

Bring these back! Or better yet, how about have the cast of the new movies visit the Sesame Street set the way C3PO and R2D2 did back in the day.

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