Monday, January 9, 2012

Kickstart the Week: Oceanverse: The Collected Edition by Michael Schwartz

This is a great example of web comic to print perfection. The Oceanverse comic looks really cool and definitely like something I would love to read, but it looks like you can't access the archives during the Kickstarter campaign. Actually, it's really hard to find any images right now. They are on serious lockdown. Probably a good idea, but I want to read some samples!

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The Oceanverse webcomic, all 288 strips, presented in a single softcover volume. If you're a fan of the strip, the style, the setting, or really good presentation... this one hits all of the marks.  
The Story: Gentleman adventurer Clayton Hemmings retires from his pulp hero lifestyle but can't shake the lure of expedition.  He assembles a new crew with diverse experiences and backgrounds, boards his submarine the Red Herring, and sets out for a tour of the Oceanverse, the undersea world of wonder and danger.

The crew accomplishes missions of both the small and grand scale.  They rescue a colony of bottom-dwelling beings; they fend off swordfish and sea monsters; they scuffle with various unsavory characters.  But along the way, each crew member experiences moments of bewilderment and growth.  Pilot BR Cooper encounters a ghost WWII pilot and helps him recover his plane from a greedy sea-demon.  Scientist Meg befriends a curious tentacled creature who proves to be a valuable companion.  Archaeologist Ben travels through time and comes out worse for the wear.  Their collective journeys transform them into a modest but powerful team, just in time to save London from the Fish Lord, the most terrifying threat yet.

The book costs $20, you'll get a signed copy with a sketch for $25, and all of that plus a t-shirt and print for $100. It's definitely a project geared towards it's fans, but newcomers can jump right in at a low level ($20-$25) and get exactly what they want.

The goal is $2,750 and it's just above that right now. So this is guaranteed to get made. Estimated delivery is May 2012, so it's not too far away. (note: estimated delivery is one of my favorite newer things on Kickstarter.) I'm not sure if the strips will show up back online, but I personally can't wait to read this from beginning to end.

Check out Gift Couture: Oceanverse: The Collected Edition on Kickstarter!

..and just a quick update on our previously featured Kickstart the Week projects.

The Gift Couture: Premium Wrapping Paper Sets ended successfully at 211% funded with $16,713 in pledges.
The techy Portals ended successfully at 190% funded with $2,853 in pledges.
The card game LangGuini is currently at 167% funded with $3,690 in pledges, and 28 days left to go.

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