Friday, March 30, 2012

Ingenious Danish Shill Lego Avengers!

I love Lego, and I love the ingenious, devious, wily Danish bastards who have built their bazillion dollar empire brick by brick. You have to admire any company that can make you genuinely excited to be handed advertising from them, and that's exactly what those crafty Danish maniacs have managed to pull off here. They are going to hand out something crazy like 2 million Lego Avengers posters to movie-goers who are going to be incredibly happy to receive them.

Have you ever had a sweaty desperado try to hand you a pamphlet on the street? How did you react? Did you slap it out of his hand? Well, that's not going to happen here. People are going to keep these advertisements and stick them on their wall and then buy a shit-ton of Avengers Lego products. And I'm going to join them! I desperately want a Scarlett Johansson minifig even those she has a completely flat chest and no nose.

Check out how cool this is:

And Tony Stark is even proudly holding aloft the LEGO logo!!

I'm telling you, I love those cunning Danish masterminds, but don't ever turn your back on one...

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