Monday, March 26, 2012

Citadel to Release 145 New Paints. Credit Cards Shudder.

The good folk at Games Workshop sent me an email informing me that they are going to release 145 new Citadel paints to replace their current range. And my wallet yelped and skittered under the bed. If you didn't know, in the last few months I have been painting a hell of a lot of Warhammer, so this is very much feeding an uncontrollable addiction for me. I mean look at this stuff...

In order to make it easier, paints now come in: base paints, shades, dry compounds (dry paint for dry-brushing), layer paints, glazes (washes?), texture paints (for bases), and technical paints (for confusing the crap out of me). It really makes it sound like there's no longer any excuse for not painting like a pro, because now you know exactly what to basecoat, wash, layer and highlight with. It's a process now! They've even finally got pink paint so those pink horrors I've been putting off will finally get some love.

I guess the only bad news is if you're halfway through an army (like I am with my Orks) and you're using the existing colours. Maybe it's time to stock up on some of those. I, of course, just want to buy that huge box set pictured above but am actually going to control myself because it isn't cheap. At $870 Australian it's more expensive than the new iPad. I opted for the iPad. Still, you can go and buy it right here.

I don't know the exact release date, but they are currently available for pre-order on the site, along with some new smaller paint sets, and the new book/dvd combo: Only a Stupid Idiot Is Incapable of Painting Kickass Warhammer Miniatures Now. When I pick up my pathetic handful of colours (man, I want that big box set) I'll let you know how I go. Time I showed you my Orks anyway...

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