Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stryder's Favourite Comics - 3/21/2012 PART II

Hey! Just like I promised LAST TIME I`m back with more comics!  Let`s start right away with JUSTICE LEAGUE

Justice League #7 - This month's Justice League features a guest penciller and a back-up story.  This could be good or bad news, depending on your tastes.  The league find themselves battling a random weird spore villain in what seems to be a prologue to a much more important story...the entire battle is just a side-effect of a deeper plot to steal an artifact called the "Orb of Ra" from some government facility.  No one knows what it does, but I'm absolutely certain that it's going to cause problems!

Some interesting characterization in this issue, not only of league members, who have some pretty amusing dialogue wherein they, for lack of a better term, "bicker" a lot, but also with Colonel Steve Trevor, who is not only the League's liaison with the world governments but is also in love with Wonder Woman!  He's certainly going to become an important supporting character to the team!   It looks like the mysterious villain also has plans to use the good Colonel to get to the League and, well, you know how villains are...

Oh so the back-up story was also interesting...it's a story featuring the super hero once known as Captain Marvel, but now known simply as SHAZAM!  I don't know anything about this character, aside from some fuzzy childhood memories and a single cartoon appearance in the old JLA cartoon, but he seems to be taking a darker turn in the new 52.  From what I recall, he was something of a goody-goody in the old universe, but here he looks like someone crossed him with Assassin's Creed!  Billy seems like a brat, too, rather than the "Leave it to Beaver" type that I recall.  Thank goodness!  Well, maybe Captain Marvel fans are up in arms.  It is probably a pretty drastic change.  I personally don't mind it at ALL, though...perhaps it's just what the character needs to make a comeback!

Check out Wonder Woman and more after the JUMP!

Wonder Woman #7  - Wonder Woman continues her quest to save young Zola, the girl who's pregnant with her baby half-sister.  Oh yeah, Zola got captured by Hades last issue and taken to Hell.  Sucks!

Diana seems to have a plan to try and rescue her though, and to do it, she's going to need some reinforcements!  No, not the Justice League...she's going to the gods!  Eros and Hephaestus to be specific.  Hey, if I was related to a whole pantheon of gods, I suppose I'd ask for the occasional favour too.

Unfortunately, there's some trouble here as Wonder Woman discovers that the workers in Hephaestus' smith are the male offspring of Amazons, traded to him for weapons!  Of course, being an Amazon and all, Diana feels she has to meddle...this could be problematic.  It seems like no matter where Diana goes, and no matter how relaxed she's trying to be, she just runs into battle, anyway.  Good thing she is both good at it and likes it!

Red Hood and the Outlaws #7 - Jason and friends have a good month, getting the crazy alien-hating mutated weirdo, Crux, committed to a life sentence in Arkham and then co-opting his super cool sub-orbital space cruiser for use by the team!  Unfortunately, they rather quickly have to do a little damage to their new ride as Red Hood is attacked by Essence, the mysterious, sometimes invisible smoke-girl whom we first saw in issue #1!  Well, technically, Jason attacked her.  It's a little complicated.  Actually it's QUITE complicated and secrets are coming out in spades!!  Finally we are learning more about Jason and his mission.  His teammates are learning too.

Arsenal got a little cool characterization this issue, too.  Despite appearances, not to mention his attitude, Roy just may end up being the brains of this operation in the long run. Starfire, of course, was humanized a bit last issue, and it really makes me look at her differently this month.  Although she really needs to learn about damage control.  Regardless, I love a good, character-driven book and that's what this is turning into.  Cool!

Supergirl #7 - Kara's still in New York City being attacked by some Kryptonian mad scientist's idea of a fun Friday night....the Kryptonian World Killers!  Their leader, Reign, talks...a LOT.  Supergirl actually mentions how the leader won't shut up and how she (Kara) stopped listening ages ago.  It's pretty funny.

Anyway, we learn a lot about the World Killers this way...they were clones (explaining Kara's recent condemnation of Superboy, which I wrote of HERE) made from embryos stolen from other planets and taken to an off-planet Kryptonian lab, where they were experimented on and CHANGED.  They don't really know why and they don't know what planets their species inhabit, but they aim to find out!  We learn so much about these guys that I suspect they'll be a regular feature...They are vaguely reminiscent of an all-female "four horsemen" group, so this could be interesting.  Oh one other intriguing tidbit...there was a 5th, EMPTY embryo tube in the lab when the World Killers awoke.  Who could have been within???

So that's it for the comics I bought on the 21st!  Luckily, tomorrow is ANOTHER New Comic Day!  Join me next time to take a look at Superman (New Creative Team!!), the Flash and more!  All killer, no filler!!


  1. The Orb of Ra is what made Metamorpho what he is and I'm guessing is what's responsible for the messed up monsters in that issue. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a less goofy version of Metamorpho by the end of this arc.

  2. I figured it might have been heard of before...since I haven't read anything except for Batman trades for years before the New 52, I tend not to get these references. Thanks! Makes a lot of sense!