Saturday, April 28, 2012

Avengers Assemble! Hot Toys Captain America Pre-Order.

Although I ragged on his on-screen costume in my Avengers review, this upcoming 6th scale Captain America from Hot Toys looks pretty incredible. All jazz ballet jibes aside I have to concede that this is an amazingly crafted figure, and anyone managing to actually collect all of the team members is going to have a very impressive (and expensive) display on their hands. I have the Hot Toys Batman Begins Bruce Wayne/Batman and can attest to the quality, detail and uncanny shrunken likenesses. Admittedly I won't be rushing out to get Cap, but I think I'll be very tempted to grab Black Widow when her pre-order is up for grabs shortly.

I imagine that these will be popular (especially once the movie opens in the US) so if you're going to take the plunge then you probably should  check out more images and pre-order him at Sideshow Collectibles:
Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series Captain America Sixth Scale Figure - The Avengers

They also have limited stock of the First Avenger World War II version as well:
Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series Captain America 12-inch Figure - Captain America: The First Avenger

Join me after the jump if you need a reminder of what the equally amazing Hawkeye and Nick Fury pieces will look like.

I also love that these guys are packed with accessories. What mantelpiece wouldn't benefit from a tiny, hyper-realistic Samuel L. Jackson menacingly brandishing a bazooka:

We never did find out how he lost that eye. Hopefully not in a truck stop bathroom.

Nick Fury can still be pre-ordered here:
Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series Nick Fury Sixth Scale Figure - The Avengers

And while the last couple of years were all about vampires, I'm thinking that thanks to The Hunger Games and Hawkeye here, the next five or so years will be all about archery:

This one is so life-like that I'm convinced that Jeremy Renner agreed to be shrunk and cloned to dutifully stand guard by your bed.

And Hawkeye can be pre-ordered here:
Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series Hawkeye Sixth Scale Figure - The Avengers

I kind of want these and I didn't even 100% love the film. I'm going to be selective, but if anyone out there is grabbing the set let me know. I think Thor is next. We'll alert you if you're interested!


  1. The Hawkeye would be ready to ship well in advance of my birthday. Just sayin'.

    If they release a Loki I am all over that.

    1. they just have! Check out