Friday, April 27, 2012

ThreeA Toys Showcase Portal Robots and More!

I'm consistently entranced by the work of ThreeA toys, spearheaded by phenomenal artist Ashley Wood (who hails from right here in Perth!). ThreeA are now in the midst of their Re-Venture toy and art show and there's some simply stunning future product images spilling onto the web. One of particular note is their incredibly detailed figures of Atlas and P-Body from Portal 2:

For more on ThreeA and their releases and where to find them, join me after the jump!

Videogame fans might also get a kick out of this badass and war-ravaged Halo figure:

But all that said, what I love most about ThreeA is not so much their licensed products, but their unique pieces designed by Ashley Wood himself. I particularly enjoy the look of ThreeA's female figures, a few of which have just been shown:

I've wanted to post more about ThreeA in the past but as someone firmly on the outside looking in who hasn't been collecting their work, it can be confusing to keep track of where to find all these. Already I can direct you to the ThreeA production blog, the Re-Venture blog, the Facebook page, the ThreeA website, and Bambaland the ThreeA store.

You'll also notice that the store is frequently and depressingly devoid of toys. There are limited runs on all of these pieces and they are very highly sought after, so an item will go on sale at a designated date and time and then quickly sell out. It's always worth trying though, as prices are far higher in the secondary market.

It's also a good idea to keep an eye on online stores like our friends at Sideshow Collectibles. I did manage two pre-order two ThreeA female figures earlier last year and have just received notification that they are on their way, expected to arrive next week (expect a long wait between pre-orders and production due to the smaller nature of the company). Once I have those in hand I will be sure to photograph and review them!

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