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Stryder's Favourite Comics - 4/18/2012 Part 1

My big week for comics this week and so once again I split this thing into 2 parts!  No one wants to read about 8 comics all at once right?  Even if 5 of them at least MENTION "Night of the Owls"?  There's a topic that's mostly going to show up tomorrow...for now, let's see who (besides me) thinks Green Arrow's a little silly?

Justice League #8 - Green Arrow is such a wannabe stalker.  He's following the Justice League around trying to get them to let him join up.  Seriously!  They, like I, feel that arrows are not going to be the most efficient solution to the problems one encounters whilst crime-fighting.  Even Green Lantern and Batman (uncomfortably) agree about this!  C'mon can barely carry your own book and now you want in the League?

The story was super interesting though in that the places and events that Green Arrow "stalked" ran almost like a clip show for the League, showing stuff that has happened in the gap between the original 6 issues (5  years ago)  and the "present day" stuff.  In particular there is a crazy two-page spread featuring the Justice League battling a VERY cool looking foe.  I don't want to spoil just WHO it may be, but let's just say there's some impressive historical impact here.  Oh, and of course we also get a brief "Night of the Owls" reference!  Gotta sell that epic crossover goodness!

In other news, Shazam! returns this month.  Well, actually, Billy Batson's back...he still doesn't have the power to change into NOT-Captain Marvel.  We do get to see him meet his foster family while we learn a little more about his character.  It's all well and good, I guess, but I feel like this story belongs in it's own book rather than in Justice League.  Still, it's not taking away from the rest of the comic so I don't mind.  More bang for the buck, right?

What's going on elsewhere in the DCU?  Find out after the JUMP!!

Wonder Woman #8 - Diana is looking pretty bad ass on the cover of this month's Wonder Woman.  She wields the duel golden pistols of Eros and travels to the underworld to face down Hades for the lives of her friend Zola and Zola's unborn child!  Not pictured on the cover are the veritable arsenal of other weapons she also takes with her.  Sword, shield, additional armour, long knife, etc.  I guess when you're going to hell you want to be prepared.

The underworld itself is quite interesting.  Apparently it changes on Hades' whim.  In this case it looks like downtown London (I think)?  Oh, look out for statues!  They seem to enjoy peeling their rock "skin" off to reveal flayed things underneath and then getting themselves impaled on Wonder Woman's shiny new sword!  Gross but amusing!  Of course Diana eventually finds Zola and Hades and they all have a showdown that leads to a VERY unexpected result.  I can't imagine this is going to turn out well!  I will say one thing...those pistols pack a HEAVY DUTY wallop!  I never thought I'd see the day ANY firearm could do what those pistols did in this issue!

Supergirl #8 - Supergirl, having saved NYC last month from alien invaders, is now exhausted and being threatened by the cops.  Like, ALL of the cops.  No wonder she's always mad!  Luckily a young Irish girl in the crowd interferes on Kara's behalf with the police and stops them from wasting a lot of bullets for no reason.  Well, she stops them for a minute or two at least.  She also speaks Kryptonian!?!  WHa??

Turns out the Irish girl (her name is Siobhan!  Don't ask me to pronounce it) has a super power that allows her to speak and understand any language after hearing only a few words.  Even animal languages!  God that must be annoying.  After knowing each other for about 3 minutes the two girls decide to move in together, change clothes, and go out drinking.  Well, to a bar at least.  Siobhan is a musician and has a gig.  Sadly this does not turn out well at all.  Something about eating souls?  We'll find out month!!

At least Kara got some human clothes finally.  Her legs must have been getting cold....

Red Hood and the Outlaws #8 - First of all, before you ask, yeah, the Outlaws' alien-tech cool space ship thingee survived getting a hole blown in it last issue!  So this issue, they use it to fly to Gotham City!  Seems they have to respond to a 600 pound woman with a vendetta against Jason Todd, who's threatened to kill a hospital full of children if he doesn't show up within 2 hours.

Of course while they're in Gotham, it's only natural to eavesdrop on the Bat-Frequencies, and thus the team also learn about "Night of the Owls"!  Looks like the former Robin's going to be involved in helping his old boss/dad out!  Despite some anger issues over that whole "letting me get murdered" thing.  I suppose that fair.  Oh, looks like Jason's replacement with Bruce, Tim "Red Robin" Drake is also involved!  He's my favourite Robin...sorry Jason...and Damien...and Dick...

In other news, looks like Starfire and Arsenal are going to move into being an actual couple (as opposed to just bed-mates).  They got a cool save-the-hostages teamwork moment and he asked her out.  He also bitched out a bad guy for calling her an "it".  Hmm...well, it's a start!  They'll make a cute couple I guess?

So that's NOT all for this week!  Stay tuned tomorrow for Batman, Nightwing, Catwoman and Birds of Prey!  And then Wednesday's new comic day again and we start all over!  Life is good!

Oh and as always...more random rambling at Stryder's Dementia!  Check it out!  See ya tomorrow!

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