Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pokemon Battle Royale: 151 Pokemon, Illustrated By 151 Different Artists

If I could get to Minneapolis, MN before May 11th, I would TOTALLY have to see the Pokemon Battle Royale exhibit in person. Just the name alone sounds awesome, POKEMON BATTLE ROYALE.

#2 - Ivysaur by Andrew Kolb

Light Grey Art Lab commissioned 151 artists to design/paint/illustrate an 8x8 image of the first 151 Pokemon characters (a/k/a the best 151 Pokemon characters). The art styles vary so much, and it's such a joy to look at these images, and find your favorite Pokemon.

Many of them are available as prints for just $40! I can't decide which one I need the most... so I'll probably just have to get them all. Did I mention that I'm a huge Pokemon fan? My Dewgong deck will destroy you.

Visit the complete gallery online at

...and you can buy prints at

Click through the jump for a selection of favorites!

#109 - Koffing by Liew Mejia

#132 - Ditto by Richie Pope

#151 - Mew by Ryan Peltier

#75 - Graveler by Chris Eliopoulos

#88 - Grimer by Bill Rebholz

#27 - Sandshrew by Dylan Burns

#6 - Charizard by Adam Hoppus

#39 - Jigglypuff by Whitney Sherman

#24 - Arbok by Jesse Tise

#93 - Haunter by Nick Iluzada

#19 - Rattata by Campbell Whyte

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