Saturday, August 11, 2012

New 52 Justice League Green Lantern - The Action Figure!

Once again my friendly neighbourhood Comic Book Guy has sold me more than just this week's comics!  The second and third figures in DC's New 52 Justice League line have finally come to Canada, eh!  Let's take a look at the first one, GREEN LANTERN

Of COURSE I opened him right the heck up and of COURSE there's pics and my so-called thoughts after the JUMP!

In brightest day, in darkest...LINE!!
Here we have good old hard headed Hal Jordan in all his emerald glory!  It's a nice figure, perfectly faithful to the New 52 look of GL.  It has a lot of the same strengths and weaknesses as their first release, Batman, as a matter of fact.

The sculpt on this figure is stellar in almost every way!  The lines on the costume, the raised logo, the muscles that actually look human.  The face in particular is great, with nice sharp details on the domino mask and even three separately sculpted hairs hanging down from his 'do.  The only complaint I have about the sculpt is actually GL's ring!  Shockingly, this is NOT sculpted into the correct symbol, but is rather just a flat circle.  You have to be looking really close to see this, but since that is true of a lot of the detail you CAN see, I am surprised at the oversight.

Feel the Power of my poorly-defined RING!!
 Paint is awesome...can't complain about a single detail.  Nice sharp lines, good colour choices, no bleed whatsoever.  I love that the green used is all sparkly-shiny!  Makes Hal really POP, especially under bright light.  Just the opposite (quite rightly so!) of Batman...

It ain't easy bein'...the Green Lantern Corps?
What else?  Articulation is the same as it was for Batman...not great but not too bad.  He's got a ball-jointed neck and shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, hips and knees.  Sadly lacking swivels in his legs or wrists.  Still, he can stand around looking cool, and really, that's what I buy these things for!

Mexican-American-Canadian-Cobranian-Oanian Standoff.
 Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that also just like Batman, he didn't come with a SINGLE accessory.  Not even a lousy stand!  That sucks, too, because power rings don't charge themselves!  I would have thought it a no-brainer to include, with a Green Lantern figure, an actual GREEN LANTERN.  C'est la vie....

All Your New 52 Are Belong To Us
Overall I'm quite happy with the figure, regardless of my few complaints.  He's a good looking figure, fits in nicely with my OTHER New 52 figures, and will proudly be part of my completed Justice League when they eventually release the whole set...

Speaking of which, stay tuned for next time! I never thought I'd utter the phrase "You've got to check out my cool Aquaman figure!"

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  1. Nice review,I,m looking for these here in UK.
    just seen GL and Batman in Forbidden Planet.hopefully,they can get the other New 52 JL figures for me :)