Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nerd History: The Memory Palace

I don't get a ton of time to listen to podcasts, and my favorites tend to be ones that can be consumed in bite-sized chunks. Thus, a great podcast for me is The Memory Palace. Hosted by public radio producer Nate DiMeo, it covers tiny snippets of history - some forgotten, some strange, some heartwarming. It's short enough where I'm able to mainline four or five in a row, and detailed enough to keep you thinking for hours afterward. A few of my favorites are after the jump.

* Far Below Lake Michigan: About a warship sunk in one of the Great Lakes.

* A Brief Eulogy for a Consumer Electronics Product: A quick history of the revolution that was the Sony Walkman.

* OMG!!! JKP!!!: A defense of James K. Polk, former president.

* High Above Lake Michigan: A love letter to the Ferris Wheel.

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