Wednesday, August 22, 2012

America's Got Talent Wild Card Episode Recap: It's Tricky

Last night was the Wild Card episode of America's Got Talent, where each judge was allowed to bring back four acts that were previously voted off of the show. Sometimes an act was voted off because the producers put together a selection that was too good, or too similar... and other times an off night sent them packing. 

It was a pretty good mix, but very high on the "wild" side of things. Most of the acts were tricks of some sort, and it made me wonder if the heavy hand of the producers had anything to do with it. Either way, it made for a great episode that will be hard to choose a top four... aside from this guy, who shot a crossbow at his own head while blindfolded.

Click through the jump for videos and the full recap. And let us know your top 4!

My top 4

I was so happy to see Horse again. He hit himself in the balls in a bigger way than ever before. The judges were happy to see his friends join in, but I disagree. It should all be about Horse's balls.

Lindsay Norton 
I was even happier to see Lindsay Norton back. If anyone shouldn't have been voted off before, it's her. She had a very Hunger Games meets olympics performance of bizarre dance gymnastics. Her spider walks are the best, and she better go through. 

Todd Oliver
The man with the dog with a big mouth. He's always struggled with material. The material was better tonight, with a few great laughs. Not all of them were great, but a few were big. His performance had a few hiccups, but overall it was a great improvement from before. 

Ben Blaque 
Holy shit! The archer version of Jason Schwarzmann killed it and didn't kill himself. It was so close and so good. I have no clue how he will top this when he definitely goes through. Guaranteed his victory.

And the rest... 

Spencer Horsman
In a super steampunk locked up container filling with cement… he dramatically unlocked himself about 30 seconds after it became questionable if he'd make it out alive. Very much an improvement from his last appearance, and kept me on the edge of my seat.

All That!
The handsome male cloggers stepped up the production value (and the sex appeal), but I think it's the most boring thing ever. The projected background looked amazing, and really made me want to love this. There's just something about it that I can't get behind.

Jarrett & Raja 
These guys are nuts! They packed up inside a box. Raised the box way up in the air, broke it into a bunch of pieces of wood, then appeared in the audience playing piano and waving their arms all around. It was big production, yet weird and quirky. Loved it but I don't think they'll go through. Maybe if it was 1990's Got Talent.

Jake Wesley Rogers
The white Kid n' Play can sing, but so can a lot of people. His look is what he has going for him, and that will take him a long way. He just lacks any emotion in his performance, which will be the death of him.

Cristin Sandu
I love what this guy does. He stacks a bunch of huge pipes in various shapes and sizes and stands on top of them. He fell last time and was kicked off, and at the very end (I think?) he fell again. He could have ended it a second or two earlier and secured a win, but falling will definitely secure a loss. Bummer because it's different and weird.

Bandbaz Brothers 
They swallowed knives, and used them to balance each other on top of them up in the air. One of their crazy relatives was killed doing the act. But I think my wife hit the nail on the head by saying "that was it?". If anything the act will suffer from being quick. The setup was quick, and it was over before you knew it. If someone blinked, they would miss the whole act. It's a shame too because it was pretty insane and seemed very authentic.

Sebastien El Charro De Oro 
This feels bizarre, right? I thought the kid was great before, but I feel like he was out of his element singing "New York, New York". The judges loved it, so maybe it's my attention span. If he goes through, I'll have to watch it again to see what I was missing.

Andrew De Leon
I don't remember him at all. A goth opera singer? I guess I can see it. But I don't think his falsetto version of Unbreak My Heart was too much different than my falsetto version. There's something very intriguing about this, but I can't quite figure it out.

Next week we start the semi-finals!


  1. Todd Oliver was the best part of the night, well, him AND his dog. That dog’s eyes make the whole thing so much funnier to be honest. His jokes about the candidates were perfect, and I hope he can do more of that. I can’t help but wonder if another comedian helped him with his material. The whole show was really great though, especially compared to that horrible YouTube episode I watched with my Dish coworker. Since I can watch commercial free with Auto Hop on my PrimeTime Recordings, I save enough time to catch another show the same night. I like that because TV is my favorite way to relax after work and spend time with my family.

    1. I'm also assuming he had help with his material and I don't mind that. He just needs to perform it flawlessly, and have it come from within. Sometimes he'd stumble or delay, and sometimes it felt like he was reading off of cue cards. He's an amazing inventor/puppeteer, but I don't think he's the best performer/comedian. It's either that or he was very nervous. There was a point where after the performance, he had about 10-15 seconds to respond to the judges and make a joke (either himself or the dog) and not a single word came out. For him to go all the way, he needs to be on the ball, and take a few chances.

      But if he doesn't, I still think he's great and could be very successful with a planned and practiced act.